UK christmas

‘’So where are you going for Christmas countdown?’’ my friend asked.
No, there isn’t any Christmas countdown party here. Most shops, restaurants and pubs close early on the eve and are not open on Christmas day. In fact, all trains and buses don’t even operate, causing problems in going back home after our Christmas eve dinner at Chee How’s place.
Anyway, looking back at last year’s Christmas / birthday in Glasgow, I remember the silence on the streets when we were heading towards the only open restaurant in the city centre. Aside from a few pedestrians, there were only the few of us on the streets.
Now, I guess I know the inspiration behind the song ‘’Silent Night’’ – loneliness and quiet for those who have nowhere to go on Christmas Eve.
After all, Christmas over here is not as ‘happening’ as those in Asian countries. 
Buon Natale!!
london icons – double decker buses and taxis
oxford street christmas lights

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