Winter solstice

It was ”dong zhi” again. The celebration was actually not a big thing in my family, but here, we gathered for it. Friends are like family in overseas.
So, here is how we celebrated the shortest day of the year and also the first day of winter.
I finished work quite late in that evening, so I didn’t join them to Chinatown to get the ingredients. We steamed the premade dimsum for dinner. Luckily, we didn’t fry any rice or noodles because only ”siu mai” and ”wo tip” were more than enough to make everyone feel so full.
There were only four of us..
We didn’t try to make our own ”tong yun” like last year, only bought a few packets of  the premade ”tong yun” and boiled them.
think they were China premade tong yun – too soft and not round
 p.s. i don’t like winter.

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