Merry Xmas everyone and Happy Birthday to me!!

Hi everyone!!
I know I don’t have a chat box in my blog. Tomorrow is the day I’ll be a year wiser. So if you guys wanted to send me birthday wishes, please do it under this post comment. 😛 I know I have many lovely and caring family members and friends and blogger friends 🙂
It was a busy day at work today, even after lunch time. I don’t understand why. People should just go home and get prepared for their christmas eve dinner instead of bringing their kids for coffee. 
Alex got a free huge turkey from his company. While he was kinda struggling to get the best and easiet recipe last few nights, lets hope that tonight’s dinner will be a nice one. He will be also preparing the cocktails.
Also, there will be no train and bus services on the 25th and 26th December, so we will have to stay at Chee How’s place for few nights. However, I’ll be bringing my laptop over there.
So, Buon Natale!!!! Enjoy your great night with your lovely ones.
p.s. Tris and Boris, enjoy your Berlin trip!!

2 thoughts on “Merry Xmas everyone and Happy Birthday to me!!”

  1. Hey hey , once I back from Bali the first thing i do is wish you happy belated birthday !
    hoho , 22 ? so old already but nvm its ok since you found Alex haha
    and Merry Christmas too !

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