Christmas eve 0.01

Good morning everyone!!

Last night party was fun. My secret santa and birthday presents were wonderful. I was happy that Tristyn called and we talked for more than an hour. I sincerely thank everyone for the birthday and christmas wishes. 
Today’s weather seems perfect. Streets are really quiet on Christmas. All shops and restaurants are closed. There are no trains, tubes and buses operating. And I am stoning for staying awake for the whole night. 
While my friends are all sleeping soundly now, even on the couch or floor, here I am, posting a few photos from last night.

alex ”dancing” happily with the big turkey

outfit of the evening
it was the tartan skirt from wai sun last year.
tartan is really hot this season.

everyone in the photo except peifun who was holding the camera

So what now? I shall continue browsing online catalogue shopping websites and get prepared for tomorrow’s Boxing day and the massive sale for the following month. The reduced prices featured on these websites are soooo tempting!!

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