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Everyone has a New Year post. It often reflects our actions in the past year or tells of our hopes for the following year. My New Year post is about not having one, because every day is a new beginning for

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me (also because I was lazy and not in the mood to write one after days of shopping).

However, I wrote one last year, it was a meaningful one and I think I still feel the same.
Each day is new and refreshing; consequently I have resolutions every day. Call me fickle-minded or not having the perseverance to stay with the same resolutions for the whole year, but the fact is things and situations change each day, and I discover new and adventurous things every day. To put it another way, I amend and improve my resolutions day by day based on the single fixed principle of my life – to explore, to learn, to see, to experience and most importantly TO ADOPT.

People, like things, come and go. We might lose someone dear to us or miss certain memories we wish to get back. But I would choose to look at the future, at the multitude of possibilities and opportunity to create better and better things. I hope and I believe it will. To reflect and introspect often, because everything I’ve done, everything I’ve loved, every mistake I’ve made, and every obstacle I’ve overcome makes who am I today.

Click for the full post. It seems like I just wrote it yesterday.
My last year’s resolution was to read more and blog more, this year’s is to write more.
Anyway, Happy New Year!!!

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