Chinese new year eve in Prague

Alex and I spent our chinese new year eve in the city of a hundred spires, Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic.
We sat in a cafe at the corner of a street, with one side overlooking the Vltava River with the Prague castle looming in the background, and on the other side the Narodni Divadlo [national theatre] was located right across the street.
We ordered hot apple strudel with coffee that evening and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere with the pianist playing romantic background music.
The cafe used to be hangout place for many famous people.
is alex gonna be one of them?
So, that was how we had our chinese new year eve evening. Nothing chinese this year.

Being silly

While waiting for me sorting out the photos…
While waiting for me refining my thoughts to write again…
Here, a series of photos of silly us while waiting for the tour to begin at Adolf Loo’s designed house…

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I visited Brighton with Alex and his parents last September.
Brighton Pier reminds me of the Ruby Pier, an old seaside amusement park in the novel, Five People You Meet in Heaven. 

The Royal Pavillion, a former royal residence, has Indian exterior but Chinese interior.
p.s. some photos by alex

Fashion muse is a website where users submit photographs of their outfits. It is a vast collection of possible outfits that inspires our daily style.
I also added a new section of links named “fashionistas”. Will add more when I’m back from Prague.
Wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year and hope you all look your best!!!

Westfield, London

It’s the biggest shopping centre in Europe. When I went there, I could only manage to explore less than half of the shopping mall, because I spent an inordinate amount of time in the stores itself. Oh well, at least I got to grab some pretty good bargains, including two spring coats both at 70% off.  


I have been rather busy recently (I think it is more efficient to update here instead of telling them to my parents, and then repeating to my sisters, and then my friends). A co-worker at the cafe was given a letter of termination last friday, effective in a week. However, he disappeared the next day and messed up the whole schedule. I had to work a double shift with a moment’s notice, and now have only a day off instead of two. As I am going to Prague next Wednesday, I will have to fill up the work timetables; Hence I will be working for 6 consecutive days with another double shift on Monday, followed by 6 days of travel and then back to work as soon as I am back. That’s life; it’s only meaningful when there are many things occupying our time.

Speaking of my upcoming trip to Prague, I was just about to convert some Pounds to Euros before I found out that the Czech Republic did not adopt the euro and is still using Czech crowns (Koruna). And I am dreading the (expected) freezing weather at the end of January…

p.s. this was last night post, i was so tired that i fell asleep writing it.

Christmas eve 0.02

Christmas eve 0.01 here
stuffing the turkey .
keep checking on the turkey .
serving the turkey .
fuiyoh!! it was really heavy, but delicious. alex prepared it..

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wine to serve with the turkey
he always made me angry…
my birthday chocolate brownie cake..
joanne baked it.. thanks!!
secret santa gift exchange..
[each person was chosen to buy a gift for the person selected.
the names of the santa weren’t indicated]

i used as our virtual hat.
cool website!
everyone happy receiving christmas gift..
silly games that we had..

More than a year

I easily reminisce of what happened at the same time of last year with the significant weather changes. Starting with the memories when I just arrived in UK – it was beginning of autumn, I was very unfamiliar with the local cultures and lifestyle. Then the days got shorter and I was amazed by it. At that time, I was also working part time at a burger stall in the Christmas market. I still remember how cold it was to work outdoor for hours. Around this time, like beginning of last year, the sun that now begins to set later revitalises me and brings out my enthusiasm to look forward to what happen next. I can’t wait for the warm weather again, but winter actually just started.
Things then also happened unpredicted. Initially thinking that I would be spending few years in Glasgow, Scotland, I then went to Belgium for six months and am now in England. That makes me actually stayed in Glasgow for about 5 months. 
It has been more than a year since I left my home country.
 this is the header that i have been using from 
when i started blogging until the end of last year

the first potluck of 2009!

outfit of the day
cheehow . joanne . nicholas . carrie .
alex . peifun . flora . puisan (photographer)
appetizer –  thai-style mango salad
main dishes – pig trotters with ginger and black vinegar .
bak kut teh . salt baked chicken . stir fried lettuce
dessert – herbal snow fungus with longan and lotus seed

After a busy month

I finally have the time to blog again. I have registered a domain name, ( as a reward for maintaining my blog for more than a year, and also a New Year gift. Besides, readers can now contact me at 
December was a busy seasonal month, especially at the cafe. 
Apart from that, Charlie, a former classmate who was studying in Aberdeen but now working in Glasgow came to visit. Alex and I spent a few days with him around in London. He’s really a fun and cool guy to hang out with. Alex’s sister, Elaine also came to stay with us for few days. She is now in Paris and will be back tomorrow. 
In the meantime, we were also busy with preparing the Christmas Eve dinner and were very occupied on Boxing Day and the following days with the massive sales in the country. Most high street stores were very crowded, with long queues at the till and piles of clothes on the racks, shelves, floors, everywhere. Items were very cheap though, with prices slashed up to 70%.
I spent concecutive days shopping, meeting friends and having fun; immediately after that I had to work long shifts. I didn’t have a proper day to rest, and I am grateful for my health and continued well being that allowed me to live through this one busy month!
long queue on Boxing Day, at River Island

the shoes!!! 
i wasn’t allowed to take photos
this is Camden Lock market

Camden stables market – with various selections of vintage stuff
steamboat at peifun’s place
no fishballs…