After a busy month

I finally have the time to blog again. I have registered a domain name, ( as a reward for maintaining my blog for more than a year, and also a New Year gift. Besides, readers can now contact me at 
December was a busy seasonal month, especially at the cafe. 
Apart from that, Charlie, a former classmate who was studying in Aberdeen but now working in Glasgow came to visit. Alex and I spent a few days with him around in London. He’s really a fun and cool guy to hang out with. Alex’s sister, Elaine also came to stay with us for few days. She is now in Paris and will be back tomorrow. 
In the meantime, we were also busy with preparing the Christmas Eve dinner and were very occupied on Boxing Day and the following days with the massive sales in the country. Most high street stores were very crowded, with long queues at the till and piles of clothes on the racks, shelves, floors, everywhere. Items were very cheap though, with prices slashed up to 70%.
I spent concecutive days shopping, meeting friends and having fun; immediately after that I had to work long shifts. I didn’t have a proper day to rest, and I am grateful for my health and continued well being that allowed me to live through this one busy month!
long queue on Boxing Day, at River Island

the shoes!!! 
i wasn’t allowed to take photos
this is Camden Lock market

Camden stables market – with various selections of vintage stuff
steamboat at peifun’s place
no fishballs…

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