More than a year

I easily reminisce of what happened at the same time of last year with the significant weather changes. Starting with the memories when I just arrived in UK – it was beginning of autumn, I was very unfamiliar with the local cultures and lifestyle. Then the days got shorter and I was amazed by it. At that time, I was also working part time at a burger stall in the Christmas market. I still remember how cold it was to work outdoor for hours. Around this time, like beginning of last year, the sun that now begins to set later revitalises me and brings out my enthusiasm to look forward to what happen next. I can’t wait for the warm weather again, but winter actually just started.
Things then also happened unpredicted. Initially thinking that I would be spending few years in Glasgow, Scotland, I then went to Belgium for six months and am now in England. That makes me actually stayed in Glasgow for about 5 months. 
It has been more than a year since I left my home country.
 this is the header that i have been using from 
when i started blogging until the end of last year

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