I have been rather busy recently (I think it is more efficient to update here instead of telling them to my parents, and then repeating to my sisters, and then my friends). A co-worker at the cafe was given a letter of termination last friday, effective in a week. However, he disappeared the next day and messed up the whole schedule. I had to work a double shift with a moment’s notice, and now have only a day off instead of two. As I am going to Prague next Wednesday, I will have to fill up the work timetables; Hence I will be working for 6 consecutive days with another double shift on Monday, followed by 6 days of travel and then back to work as soon as I am back. That’s life; it’s only meaningful when there are many things occupying our time.

Speaking of my upcoming trip to Prague, I was just about to convert some Pounds to Euros before I found out that the Czech Republic did not adopt the euro and is still using Czech crowns (Koruna). And I am dreading the (expected) freezing weather at the end of January…

p.s. this was last night post, i was so tired that i fell asleep writing it.

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