gloomy (third) day in Prague

Depending on your type of travelling/sightseeing, two full days is generally enough to explore most of the Prague city centre, but our procrastination took us about 4 days. We left the house late each morning, walked really slow, took many breaks, and spent a fair bit of our time in restaurants (getting free heat). 
On the third day we were supposed to visit Liberec, where Eliska studies. Unfortunately, she fell sick, so instead her brother took us out for half a day, going to places tourists don’t usually go. It was quite interesting to see how typical Praguers lived their daily life and how the Prague suburbs contrasted with the beautiful city center.
And on the more touristy side, we visited Mala Strana (little quarter) – clusters of development around the foothills of Prague Castle and Hradčany (the district around Prague Castle).
The weather on that day was much colder than the other days we were there. It started to rain in the afternoon. Gloomy dark day… 
We explored Prague castle in the drizzling rain…
a photo of emo alex
a photo of happy flora
St Vitus Church at Prague Castle night facade..
Prague Castle at night 
the Church of Our Lady
In the evening, we met up with Pavel, Alex’s ex-housemate from their days in Glasgow. 

i think he looks like tom cruise. 
(i mean the guy on the left) ;p

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