Laptop saved!

A few days ago, something went wrong with my laptop.

It happened a day after I did a recovery of the laptop system. I did a backup of my important stuff before I did the recovery. However, after the recovery, I transferred them all BACK to the desktop, leaving no backup copy, much like “undoing” the backup. Stupid, I know. Not long after, there was an error message when I tried to boot the laptop. I was asked to insert the recovery disc to run the Vista repair program. However, the menu only allowed me to reformat, without an option to repair. Which is obviously a problem since all my important stuff was back in the laptop!

Eventually I manage to solve the problem. With the help of Ubuntu, I managed to extract the files from my laptop, and then I proceeded to reformat the laptop of course. It took me quite some time and probably would have been longer without Alex’s guidance. I came across meaningless tech jargon like BIOS, MDR, .iso etc.

Now my laptop is fixed and it seems smoother, even when compared to the last few recoveries I made. The whole thing made me realise that since I was here, I had to solve all my laptop issues on my own (with some help from friends). Perhaps I should also say, it wasn’t only laptop issues that I had to learn to solve, but many problems in life in general.

So, feeling self-satisfied, extremely independent and content, I wrote this post. Cheers!

p.s. ubuntu is great for retrieving files from your system when Windows won’t boot!

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