bright and sunny fourth day in Prague

Woo hoo! It was bright and sunny again on our fourth day in Prague. So, we walked to the city centre instead of taking the tram.
Loreta Church. We went there on our previous day, but were late for the entrance – result of procrastination.
So, this is one of the entrance of Prague Castle.
It was still cold although there was bright sun. But, look!! We saw a group of tourists wearing only a layer of shirt! Hoo laa~~
Me in a thick coat and scarf!!
The cathedral in the castle. It was rather unusual that photography was permitted inside a cathedral.
Then we walked all the way down to the city centre. We did nothing much but enjoyed our walk on that day.
The Prague city centre, unlike other major cities of the world, is rather quiet at night. This was because most of the locals stayed in suburbs, leaving the historical center/tourist attractions empty at night.
With their efficient, cheap and wide-ranging transport network, it was probably a better choice to stay in the suburbs and commute daily. This resulted in a lack of supermarkets in the city center, so it’s kinda hard to buy groceries in the city center. Also, the city is flooded with people, tourists and locals alike in the daytime, and deserted at night.

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