fifth day in prague

Rather early in the morning (9.50am was early!), we walked to visit Villa Muller designed by Aldof Loos. It was only a few streets away from Eliska’s house. [isn’t it cool to stay near a famous architect designed house?]
The house reminded me of Howard Roark designed house in the Fountainhead novel. The story was written at the same time where the house was commissioned. Both houses design (in reality or fiction) was bold and not generally accepted in that era. But, it was the change that we see in our houses nowadays.
his famous quote: ornament is a crime
photos taken from galinsky
We then visited the Jewish Quarter. I didn’t take any photos thou – it was a depressing place. We visited the Jewish cemetery and a few synagogues. 
Eliska recommended us to visit the contemporary art gallery which was opened in the early of the year. So, we took the metro, were lost in out of city centre area and wandered around.
so, this was the another side of prague city
me with the statue looking at the map
Finally, we reached the DOX gallery.
I firstly didn’t dare to step inside the hole in the stack of books, because I was afraid if they would collapse. Then, the afraid of height me was terrified to look into the hole. Apparently the mirrors were arranged in a box to create an optical illusion of infinite space depth and length. It was a brilliant artwork!
just in case the birds couldn’t see the glass windows
It was also the Chinese New Year eve. We had our ”dinner” at a cafe beside the river. I blogged about it in one of the previous post.

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