Norway wasn’t cheap

The moment I booked my flight ticket to Oslo, I already knew that it would be an expensive city to travel in. But then I thought, it shouldn’t be a lot more expensive than London. I was wrong. Oslo was really a freaking expensive city. Hostels in Oslo were almost twice as expensive as hostels in London; not only that, food in general were more expensive compared

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to similar ones in London as well, mostly due to the sky-high taxes. (and I thought London’s taxes were high…)

However, it is an entirely new experience to travel in Oslo. Rather than seeing Gothic, Renaissance or Baroque buildings like in most other European countries, it was more common to learn about the Vikings and Norsemen in this Scandinavian country. Well, I now knew more because I bugged Alex throughout the trip to explain all these.
Also, I realise that while this may not be actual fact, I strongly felt that the Norwegian language is more similar to Dutch than it is compared to other Germanic languages. Most Norwegians could speak fluent English, and their accent sounded pretty sexy.
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