Back home soon!

A few months ago, a friend asked why did I not contact him when I was back in Malaysia.  But the fact was I have not been back since Sept 2007. Alex and I are the only both among our batch that have not gone back since we came here. At least his parents came to visit last year. Here I am, the only one left without seeing my family for ages. Plus! My mum said that it’s alright for me not to go back this year. =.=’’
But I will most probably be back in the end of July until the end of Sept this year, so hello, my friends!!! There is already a to-do list in my mind although I have not made my flight booking yet.
I wonder how is Malaysia after two years since I left? I do miss home, sometimes.
1. I definitely can’t wait to see my family. I have three younger sisters, and they have all changed a lot. The first sister is more outgoing. The second sister who was preparing for her PMR when I left is now preparing for her SPM. And the youngest one who just started her high school is already taller than me, and she is only 13. By the way, am I the shortest among all of them now?!!!
2. Dim sum! Nasi lemak! Fresh seafood! All sort of CHEAP Malaysian food. There is also Malaysian food here, but not CHEAP! Anyway, mum’s cooking is the only food I can’t get elsewhere. 
3. Mamak! roti telur with Milo ais for supper beats cooking your own one anyday, What’s more, friends are there too.
4. Meeting up friends’ marathon. Clubs and bars? I am so jealous when I see the gathering photos in Facebook! I wanted to be there with you guys, and I can’t wait to hear about the juicy updates. And I can’t wait to party. The last time I did was in Belgium which seemed like ages ago. I want to meet Alex’s friends too!
5. Believe it or not, I have not been to the cinema for the past one and half year. Two years if the resistance continues until I go back. Besides not knowing what the latest movies are, I am also very outdated with the latest songs, especially the Chinese ones.
6. Shopping! Will explore all the new and old shopping malls in Klang Valley. The Garden, Pyramid 2, Pavillion were not open when I left.
7. Take more photos of Malaysia. Now I have more photos of other cities than the city where I was grown up. Kuala Lumpur is indeed a beautiful city with a lot of nice buildings.
8. Back in hometown for a few days to visit my grandparents.
9. Maybe a couple of days in Jerantut. I have been listening to Alex’s stories about his hometown since the early of last year.
10. Travel. Maybe Bangkok. A friend here paid £15 for the exact same bag that costs only 250baht in Bangkok. Forget about temples, I want to shop. Or Bali or Cambodia~
11. Maybe Singapore for another couple of days with Alex to visit his sister.
12. Alex wants to get his diving licence and I think I will have to tag along.
I think my list goes on. That’s all for now..
But, I also wonder if I will have a bed to sleep in and a car to drive around since my sister has already took both my room AND my car.
p.s. by the way, Waisun, you promised to be my ”driver”!! lol