Not many photos taken on first day in Norway

We arrived at the airport in the afternoon, and found out that we have to wait an hour for the next shuttle bus that would bring us to the Sandjeford train station, where a train would bring us to Oslo. I didn’t realise when we arrived at the ”train station”, because there wasn’t any building that resembled a train station, or any stops, or even a sign board that I could see! What we saw were merely an empty space for the buses, a large patch of snow-covered ground, and a few houses. And a single-lane railway track, very close to the road edge. I assume it was an invisible train stop for the airport passengers, without having to spend all that money to build a actual building. The buses’ timetable is synchronised with the arrival of the trains; hence we waited in the bus for the train, for about 5 minutes.
The flight from London to Oslo was 2 hours, but it took us another 1.5 hours from the airport to the city centre. The view along the train journey was incredible. A thick layer of snow covered roof tops, and with the all-white background, it was a surreal image, much like miniature snow houses on a cake covered with white icing. Halfway through our journey, the railway tracks was so close to the sea that we could see pieces of ice clearly, floating on the sea’s surface. Too bad Nicholas was asleep at that time….(but he managed to stay awake on the return journey).
We reached the city centre in the evening. After checking in, we unpacked and then had our dinner in a restaurant recommended by the receptionist. We later visited the Opera House during the night. I have some interesting things to write about this Opera House, but will keep it for the next post…..

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