Not always on top of the wheel

Life is no longer easy when I stop feeling excited when I find mail in my mailbox.

Many people saw only the bright side of my life thru my blog and photos, but that was because I was selective in sharing my experiences.

There are more things to fear about as we grow. I didn’t mention that I felt tired, exhausted and stressful at the same time. I remember having frequent, almost daily nightmares. The scenes in those dreams were always horrible and terrifying. I always dreamed about brutal and bloody crimes, or scary demons, or me being chased or chasing after something. And that happened for about 5 months consecutively! I suppose it has nothing to do with Feng Shui because I have now finally managed to overcome it. That’s now history, and I am now learning to look forward more and to worry less. I’m glad for Alex’s support and comfort through the journey.

I’ve stuck a post-in on my monitor, it says: he who runs because he enjoys it never get tired. That always motivates me to keep moving on and to explore more. And I assume that is what life is all about.

Work hard, travel hard!!

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view from my window one evening in autumn

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