So much snow in Norway

One day during our trip in Oslo, we decided to visit Nordmarka, an area popular with its plentiful ski trails in the winter. We travelled by tram until the terminus, so it wasn’t really expensive.

During the journey, I felt utterly awkward, because everyone around me was dressed in ski clothing, accessorised with skis. And me & my friends, the only ones wearing casual everyday winter clothes, jeans and trainers.

So, that was how Norwegians spend their weekend – not to the shopping complex or park, but gear up in their ski suits and head out to the mountains. Even the kids as well – looking so adorable in their mini ski suits.


As we reached, we saw the anticipating locals strapping on their skis upon disembarking, immediately skied off in various directions. Clueless, we just vaguely followed the majority in a direction.

Eventually we reached a cafe. It was snowing rather heavily, so it was really nice to sit in a warm place and have some pastries and a hot drink. It was an old-looking wooden lodge.


DSCF8562Alex or the kid cuter?

Nicholas also had his kiddie moment

nic jumpHe jumped into a piled of snow

nic rolling in snowr

olled down the hill

nic rolling in snow 2Once wasn’t enough… So he did it again..

On our last day, before we had to catch a 2-hour train journey to the airport, we managed to have a short trip to the Norwegian Folk Museum and Viking Ships Museum. Coincidentally, there was a bunch of kids on a school (or pre-school) trip visiting at the same time as us. Whilst I had to walk slowly on the slippery path, worried that I would fall, they climbed over the snow and rolled down the dirty mud.

Desperation and the best boyfriend

Early this morning, I called the store where I left my trousers (yesterday’s post) and asked if they could deliver it back to me by post. They said they couldn’t, so I started to rack my brains.

On the other hand, Alex offered to travel back there alone to pick it up for me. It doesn’t seem to worth the 6 hours journey return, does it?

Recently, a senior back

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in high school sent me a message to ask about travelling in the UK and we chatted. I was thrilled to find out that he is going to Bristol later this week and he agreed to collect and post it for me. I’m so excited to get my pair of trousers back!!

DSCF1810 DSCF1976DSCF1979

Sad Happy Sad

We were in Bristol today. I bought a pair of grey skinny fit trousers that I loved immediately as soon as I put in on. But, as I was with helping Alex at

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another shop, I left it near the fitting room. I only realised it after dinner, when the shop was already closed!!!! 🙁

In a foreign town with a relative lack of Asians, having few friends can be lonely at times. Although I do hang out with friends from work and sometimes meet up with other friends in London, it can otherwise get quite depressing to be stuck in a small studio and with only Alex’s voice and his endless theories and philosophies for company.

The idea of relative freedom – driving around and chatting with plenty of friends anytime – doesn’t really exist in my life now. Shopping seems to be the only activity that fills the unhappy void. However, after the temporary happiness, the void comes back twofold after looking at my account balance! After that I feel like going to the shops again. Round and round the cycle goes…

Anyway, to get back to the pair of missing trousers, Alex said he would get me a replacement pair as long as it was under 1000 GBP. But I only want the one, the one that I fell in love at first sight. (and I bet he knew that)

DSC_0004It’s our sofabed with good futon that withstand daily use.
I still miss sleeping on a proper bed thou….

DSC_0029A studio slightly bigger than my room back in Malaysia.


Save money on rental for shopping!!

Pictures were taken not long after we moved in. We have more rubbish stuff now..

The coast was magnificent

Going to the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland is not the easiest thing in the world if you don’t have a car. Hence, we joined a tour group, for the first time. The public transport system wasn’t as extensive and convenient out of Belfast, and we had a tight schedule.

The scenery along the coastline and also the glens of Antrim which we passed by was magnificent.

One of our stops was the Bushmills Distillery. Alex didn’t miss his chance to buy a bottle of special edition Bushmills Irish Whisky. He paid 45GBP for that bottle, and another 20GBP for the check-in luggage, because it would be not possible to bring it back via hand luggage. What a deal!

The Giant’s Causeway has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Needless to say, it was quite a sight. We walked on the cliffs overlooking the coast, and then walked down to the coast. It seemed to be a bit unsafe to walk along the paths exposed to a long drop.

DSC_0193 i looked unhappy when Alex rushed me

DSC_0200 so windy!!

DSCF8939Giant’s Causeway

DSC_0260Basalt Columns
IMG_8794Photo credit: Elaine

DSCF8957Two Tees

We visited a few more attractions, but all briefly.

In conclusion, if we have the chance to visit again, it would be much more fun to get a car and drive….

Finally a Saturday off

After many weekends spent working, I finally had a day off on last Saturday. Hence, we decided to visit some touristy places in London.

It looked bright and sunny on that day, so I left the house without bringing a coat and met Alex who was already at the train station. Alex told me that was dumb. Luckily I went back to grab a cardigan, or else I would be freezing for the whole day. (Lesson: Never predict the UK weather by looking at the sky.)

Our first stop was the British Museum.

The spacious (roofed) courtyard was magnificent especially when the sun shone brightly and the shadows of the iron frame was cast against the walls.
There were SO many tourists

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on the beautiful day, and there were SO many collections in the galleries that we only managed to cover a few sections.

DSCF1253 Rosetta Stone – remember we learned about it in history class?

DSCF1238DSCF1282Surviving Parthenon sculpture gallery

DSCF1286British Museum entrance

We then went to Dover Street Market in Mayfair. I have vaguely known that Mayfair was an expensive piece of real estate from playing Monopoly, but I only “realised” it at that moment when I saw all the luxurious cars parked by the roadside and the classy-looking establishments… It was also really cool to know that we have also been to other places marked on the board like Regent Street, Bond Street, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly and King’s Cross Station.

Dover Street Market is not an actual market, but a high-end boutique designed around the concept of an open-air market. All the staff looked extremely chic and stylish. However, the items in the store were also grossly expensive, though a lot of effort could be seen in each design -they were all so creative and artistic.

I didn’t take any photos inside because everyone seemed so stern.

3f03 Image source – Dover Street Market

After that it was still too early to go home. We walked through a few arcades selling more high end stuff and also through Piccadilly.



Burlington Arcade

DSCF1287Hotel Russell

On that day, Damus and Angel were in London. Nicholas and Pui San tried to contact us for a possible dinner during that day with them, but the three mobile phones we had with us were ALL out of battery.

So, that’s our touristy day in London.

Bright side of the tiring job

In the beginning of March, my manager gave me a set of keys for the coffee house that I work at. I stay literally two minutes walk away, so now I can go to the store and make a cup of coffee any time at all!

Hmm.. Not really.

Anyway, the reason she gave me a keys is because I was promoted. (The pay

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rise is microscopic though.)

The arrival of May marks the last 3 months here in England before I stop working and go back to Malaysia for a summer holiday. I am excited at the prospect of a long holiday, but yet I am already missing the barista team and the regular customers in this small little neighbourhood. It lightens my heart when customers enjoy the drinks I make, when they remember my name, when they compliment my hair, and when they share bits of their daily life. Moreover, I get admirers too! 😉