Sad Happy Sad

We were in Bristol today. I bought a pair of grey skinny fit trousers that I loved immediately as soon as I put in on. But, as I was with helping Alex at

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another shop, I left it near the fitting room. I only realised it after dinner, when the shop was already closed!!!! 🙁

In a foreign town with a relative lack of Asians, having few friends can be lonely at times. Although I do hang out with friends from work and sometimes meet up with other friends in London, it can otherwise get quite depressing to be stuck in a small studio and with only Alex’s voice and his endless theories and philosophies for company.

The idea of relative freedom – driving around and chatting with plenty of friends anytime – doesn’t really exist in my life now. Shopping seems to be the only activity that fills the unhappy void. However, after the temporary happiness, the void comes back twofold after looking at my account balance! After that I feel like going to the shops again. Round and round the cycle goes…

Anyway, to get back to the pair of missing trousers, Alex said he would get me a replacement pair as long as it was under 1000 GBP. But I only want the one, the one that I fell in love at first sight. (and I bet he knew that)

DSC_0004It’s our sofabed with good futon that withstand daily use.
I still miss sleeping on a proper bed thou….

DSC_0029A studio slightly bigger than my room back in Malaysia.


Save money on rental for shopping!!

Pictures were taken not long after we moved in. We have more rubbish stuff now..

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