So much snow in Norway

One day during our trip in Oslo, we decided to visit Nordmarka, an area popular with its plentiful ski trails in the winter. We travelled by tram until the terminus, so it wasn’t really expensive.

During the journey, I felt utterly awkward, because everyone around me was dressed in ski clothing, accessorised with skis. And me & my friends, the only ones wearing casual everyday winter clothes, jeans and trainers.

So, that was how Norwegians spend their weekend – not to the shopping complex or park, but gear up in their ski suits and head out to the mountains. Even the kids as well – looking so adorable in their mini ski suits.


As we reached, we saw the anticipating locals strapping on their skis upon disembarking, immediately skied off in various directions. Clueless, we just vaguely followed the majority in a direction.

Eventually we reached a cafe. It was snowing rather heavily, so it was really nice to sit in a warm place and have some pastries and a hot drink. It was an old-looking wooden lodge.


DSCF8562Alex or the kid cuter?

Nicholas also had his kiddie moment

nic jumpHe jumped into a piled of snow

nic rolling in snowr

olled down the hill

nic rolling in snow 2Once wasn’t enough… So he did it again..

On our last day, before we had to catch a 2-hour train journey to the airport, we managed to have a short trip to the Norwegian Folk Museum and Viking Ships Museum. Coincidentally, there was a bunch of kids on a school (or pre-school) trip visiting at the same time as us. Whilst I had to walk slowly on the slippery path, worried that I would fall, they climbed over the snow and rolled down the dirty mud.

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