My girl friends

I went shopping in Watford yesterday, with my manager, who is French and a Turkish colleague. It was really nice to have a girls day out. I wish I could have more chances to hang out with them, but it’s really irritating that I have to leave just when I am starting to get closer with the girls.

In the past two years, I have hardly stayed in a place for more than 6 months. This is the place where I stayed the longest, for almost 9 months.
When I first reached Scotland, one of my house mate was an Irish-Indian girl. The rest were Chinese and couldn’t speak English fluently, and I couldn’t speak proper Mandarin. Hence I became rather close with the Irish-Indian girl. However, I had to leave for Belgium after 4 and a half months.

It was easier to make friends in Belgium because the other classmates in the exchange program were also new to the country. So, we always hung out together. My two closest friends were 2 girls from Spain and Poland respectively. Shortly after, the course ended, and we all went our own ways.

And now, after working in the cafe for more than half a year, I’m about to leave again. This time I’m moving back to Glasgow, though I will go back to Malaysia for a short holiday first. Occasionally, me and my current colleagues will have a drink at the pub after work, but this was the first time that three of us had the time to go shopping together.

I still keep in touch with a few friends (thanks to Facebook) and hopefully will see each other in the near future. At the same time, I hope that the friendships between me and my old girlfriends from Malaysia, both in KL & Glasgow, will remain as close as ever…..

DSCF4160p.s. I bought a few bangles, a pair of flat and a pair of earrings that matches the details on the flats… ;D

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