A bit of Belfast city centre

After visiting Oslo, our travels continues – Belfast in April, this time with Alex’s sister.

It was a short Easter weekend holiday. Our time was rather limited, so we joined the hop-on-hop-off city tour for getting in the a bit of every attractions  before we returned to what we were interested in, by foot or by bus, as our tour tickets were valid for 24hours.

Throughout the trip I felt like I was in Glasgow. Both cities are similar in many ways, from their roles in the industrial revolution, their shipbuilding heritage, and architecture of the city. In fact – the main points of interest: city hall, public square, university and botanic garden, are strikingly similar to Glasgow.

The Titanic was built in Belfast, once widely-believed as “unsinkable”. And every time the Titanic was mentioned, by tour guides or information boards – a disclaimer followed: that the sinking had nothing to do with their design, engineering or construction skill.

Belfast is also known for the infamous Troubles, which caused much suffering during decades of disruption, conflict and destruction and only concluded recently. Transformation and renewal via expansion and regeneration has changed the city a lot.

However, I still prefer the coast of Antrim, which we visited the day before.


DSCF9027House of Parliament

DSCF9220 Belfast Mural Tour area

DSCF9233DSCF9247Queen’s University of Belfast

DSC_0066The Alex who didn’t know how to behave

DSC_0042Poser me at Belfast Botanic Garden

DSC_0527Victoria Square . Crown Liquor Saloon . A small pub at the corner

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