Birmingham in May

Before May, I hardly had any weekends off.

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That was because the cafe was understaffed. But in May my manager started to hire more staff to replace me and another outgoing co-worker, that we each had lesser working hours. My manager then allowed me to have two consecutive weekends off so I would not moan over my working hours.

On the first weekend we went to Birmingham and stayed with Alex’s friend, Eunice. She shared a house with two Malay girls and a Chinese. It felt awkward when I had to converse in Malay. I had to pause often, even in simple conversations. And so I realised that it had been a very long time since I spoken Malay.

I remember when I received a letter from the Malaysian embassy in Belgium in response to visa queries. I contemplated if I should reply, because if I did, it would have to be in Malay. So, there goes all my Malay lessons back to the teachers.
DSC_0455Eunice me Alex

Back to our trip in Birmingham. We reached there super early before the shops opened. We had an unhealthy English breakfast (ham, fried eggs, sausages, bacons, hash browns, mushroom – all the fried stuff) in a pub while waiting for Eunice. During the trip, we hung out mostly at the shops rather than spending more time visiting any touristy places. That was how our habit of dropping by a shopping area every time we travel started.
DSC_0398biggest English breakfast . most Malaysian lunch

DSCF1555Birmingham shopping centre

DSCF1655nostalgic art gallery cafe

DSCF1576outstanding Birmingham Selfridges Building

At night, we walked along the hip and happening quarter of Bridley Place Canals and Broad Street. The night scene was not much different compared to Kuala Lumpur, where everyone dressed up glamorously and headed out for a night of fun. The more posh bars and clubs required a dress code, so we had some drinks in a more casual bar.


It was only a two-day trip, but it was enough to get a quick picture of life in Birmingham city.


K Krispy Kreme – I personally think it was too sweet….

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