Iphone 3Gs and Nokia N97 on June 19

I was really tempted me to get the new Iphone 3Gs (Speed) when I was reading the latest announcement by Apple. Besides the speed and more storage, the built-in voice function captured my attention.

It’s amazing to know that I can “speak” to the Iphone by telling what songs to play or asking the name of the song currently playing. Even more fascinating was the fact that you can tell the phone “play more songs like this” and the function will kick in. It’s not a new technology these days, but it’s still cool when it is integrated into a phone.

The launch date is slated for June 19, sharing the same date as the Nokia N97. Just like how good students compete to achieve good results, big companies fight tooth and nail to survive in this ultra-competitive industry – not a day earlier, not a day later.

I actually discovered many things around me that are very tempting and irresistible. I’m broke, super broke!!



Surprised or disappointed by the UK weather

The sky was still dark and gloomy when I woke up early this morning. I was lazing about on my bed, reluctant to get to work. It was raining heavily, but nothing compared to Malaysia’s torrential rains.

I went to bed late last night after a whole day out, but I wasn’t too worried because I expected a slow day at the cafe. The feeling didn’t last long because the rain stopped, the sun came out, and people immediately started spilling out of their cosy little homes with their families or friends.

Many customers kept on telling me about the change of weather, though it was rather obvious to me. Then again, the British talk about the weather a lot, and to adapt to their culture was to ask about the weather each time a customer walks in, even though the customer who just left have already told me all about it.


Get around in English
Lesson Forty-four: How to Start a Conversation

Use this handy card whenever you want to start a conversation with a British person. Just look them in the eye and say the conversation starter for your level. It’s as easy as that!


It’s a nice day today, isn’t it?


Bit of a cold wind today, isn’t there? Looks like we’re in for some rain later.


A trough of low pressure is sweeping down from south-east Iceland, bringing fog and frost to low lying areas, with scattered thunderstorms in the west and a belt of rain, which may fall as sleet or snow over the Pennines, moving across the whole country by tomorrow lunchtime.

Don’t worry if you can’t understand their reply—just keep smiling!

Tourists like you are ruining this place!
Yes, it is, isn’t it?

Used to be mine

While at work, I sketched this. I think my room was like this before I left Malaysia.

my room Hmm.. I missed out on the floor tiles rendering…

Blue was my favourite colour. So I asked for the walls of my room to be painted blue when we moved in. The furniture was also in blue and white.

It felt calm every time I opened my eyes in the morning. The room glowed blue in the morning when sunlight penetrated through the blue curtains and was reflected by the blue of the walls.

Vertigo in Paris

Eiffel Tower was absolutely impressive.

Like the snow in Norway, it was unbelievable that I was

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seeing the real tower and standing on the top of the tower where Gustav Eiffel’s office once was. I suffer from mild acrophobia, so I felt an immense sense of achievement when I managed to climb all 668 steps to the second level, and then the the lift to the highest level. I kept telling myself that it was absolutely safe to go up on a 120-year-old structure designed by a large team of engineers.



We took the stairs instead of the lift because we stood in the wrong queue and couldn’t be bothered to switch. It was also 3.50 Euro cheaper.

I climbed all my way up without stopping for a breather because my mind was more occupied by fear than by tiredness. The trip to the top was exhausting, not because of the long queue or climbing the many stairs but because of my shivering and tense leg muscles.

DSCF2592 DSCF2624 DSCF2634 DSCF2638couldn’t expect any better from a compact camera..

However, it was quite a memorable experience visiting the iconic building. We went back another evening to take some night photos. It was already crowded when we reached. We waited patiently among all the people, saw a suitable spot and immediately hogged the spot for 45 minutes until the next hour for the next light show.