15 July to 24 July

I had a very hectic schedule in the past two weeks before I left UK. I didn’t have the time to write and also didn’t have Internet connection at my new house. So, here is a brief update when I managed to write.

15th-20th July (Wednesday-Monday) Work

20th July (Monday) Finished work at 2pm, took the train to Glasgow in the evening.

21st July (Tuesday) signed new lease for flat and did some errands. Bad weather.

22nd July (Wednesday) Went to uni to settle some stuff. Took the train back in the afternoon, reached London in the evening.

23rd July (Thursday) Worked double shift from 7.30am till 6.30pm. Farewell dinner at 7pm. Went to a club till 1am. Ashley and Mark walked me home and I chatted with them in front of the entrance till 1.30am. Went to bed at 2am.

24th July (Friday) Woke up at 6.30am and started work at 7am. Last day at work till 3pm. Walked around in the town centre with Alex after work to look for souvenirs. Didn’t get anything but met a regular customer in the cafe at Debenhams. Chatted with her for a while. Went groceries dating after that. Packed until midnight.

25th July (Saturday) Woke up quite early. Went to London Design Museum for the exhibition – remembering Jan Kaplicky. The architect passed away in January. Went to Spitalfield Market and Oxford Street after that. Reached home at 9pm. Had dinner and packed again.

26th July (Sunday) Packed and cleaned the house for whole day. Dropped by the cafe at 5pm. Stayed there for about one and an half hour and Helped with closing the store. Last time seeing Yeliz. Bought McD takeaway and continued packing again! Slept at 2am. It was the first time we managed to sleep on the day before a moving.

20th July (Monday) Woke up at 7:30am. Started bringing the boxes down at 8:00am. Glad that Mark came to help. Finished everything at 9am. Went to the cafe for the last time. Felt so sad leaving. 8 hours on the road with the mover. Reached Glasgow exactly at 6pm. Finished moving every thing up to new flat at 7.30pn. Good job Alex for carrying most of the stuff. Went out for mcd again, unpack, and slept at 12pm.

21th July (Tuesday) Finally managed to get good rest. Woke up at 10am. Cleaned the house and continue to unpack. Left the house at 1.30pm. Went to uni to collect the visa letter. Waited for more than an hour but didn’t manage to get it again. Continue to unpack and unpack and unpack again. Smart Alex fixed a table in the bedroom and it couldn’t go thru the door to the living room. Wrote this draft on mobile.

22nd July (Wednesday) Continued to unpack and cleaned the house again. Went to the uni again to settle some stuff.. Checked flight details in uni. No Internet access at home. Met tris, boris and Charlie to celebrate Tris’ birthday one day earlier. Tidied the house and packed for Malaysia after Tris and Boris left. Went to bed at 2am.

23rd July (Thursday) woke up early. Went to bank to verify bank statement. Happy with 30kg check in luggage allowance but still didn’t seem enough. Too much junk as usual. Spent first 7 hours in plane watching movies, playing games with Alex, listening to the music, didn’t sleep at all. Spent some time reminiscing the time before and after I left Malaysia. 4 hours transit in Dubai, and another 7 hours journey back to KL.

24 July (Friday) In KL!

Oh Glasgow

Sometimes I wondered if I will be bored with the lifestyle in Glasgow when London is no longer a 30 minute train ride away. But unexpectedly, I actually felt quite excited to be back in this city of gorgeous Victorian buildings, as soon as I stepped outside from Glasgow Central train station.

It has been 11 months since I left Glasgow to take on another challenge and to explore the other side of the UK. During this period I am glad to have the opportunity to visit a few other parts of UK (and spent all my savings in the process). But Glasgow is indeed one of my favourite cities when compared to others like Birmingham, Bath, Bristol, Manchester, Belfast etc. (London is not included because London is so special and unique.)

While the food in Glasgow seems to be 10 times more oily and greasier (I will really need to watch my diet carefully), I found most Glaswegians and Scots in general tend to be friendlier than their English counterparts. And less shops shouldn’t be an issue because I am supposed to start saving! (fingers crossed).

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However, It was such a shame that I actually didn’t really explore Glasgow when I first arrived. Hopefully after all the time spent in UK, I will be more familiar with the local culture and transport system, and I will definitely go around Glasgow more (in a budget way). The only drawback will be the super freezing cold winter, the super windy spring and autumn plus rainy summer that always makes me choose to stay inside my cosy room.

DSCF4430 copy

trench coat during summer.. argh!

. glasgow city hall
DSCF4436the first place we had our dinner when we just arrived Glasgow about 2 years ago

DSCF4460 the main reason why i chose this flat – big mirror and nice wardrobe. small kitchen? who cares.. lol

Early morning blog

I have the opportunity to write now while Alex is still sleeping soundly. In fact, last night before we went to bed, I told him that I wanted to wake up not earlier than 10am because I wanted a good night’s sleep. Perhaps it’s because of summer, when it’s bright by 5am or because of our habit to wake up early nowadays, but I find it hard to have good sleep after 6am. I woke up at 6.20am today in Glasgow.

In the past few days I have had quite a hectic schedule. So, I insisted to bring my laptop with me even though we were already bringing two large suitcases, a smaller suitcase and a large paper bag containing all my handbags from my shopping spree. We’ve hired a mover for our move next week, but thought it would be more prudent to bring some stuff with us now.

I was actually hoping that I could blog about our trip in Paris during the four and a half hours train journey from London

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to Glasgow (hence my insistence on bringing the laptop), but it turned out that the free onboard wifi wasn’t free anymore. No matter, I could start by writing it offline. Only I couldn’t, because I was suffering from terrible motion sickness throughout the 125-miles-per-hour journey. I’ve never experienced travel sickness on a train before, but I guess my vestibular system was acting up to the point where I easily feel dizzy when travelling by car or train.

Later at 3pm, we will be signing our new rental lease for six months. Everything was actually only confirmed yesterday morning. I had to come along for the six-hour journey (including connecting trips) because the lettings agency insisted on it.

Anyway, my elbows are now feeling numb for typing on the bed and I think it’s time to wake Alex up for a Scottish breakfast.


p.s wrote this post two days ago, but couldn’t connect to the internet to post it.. =.=

Back soon

This blog was created a few months before I came to the UK, but I only started to update it regularly two months after I arrived. At that moment, I signed up for the account for the sake of having one. 

However, it eventually became a journal where I jotted down my life and experiences here. (Even at that time when Alex and I were not together yet, he was the one who influenced me to start blogging. So, I guess it’s quite an achievement for him to see the growth of this blog.) But, the reason that I managed to keep the blog updated (quite) regularly was mainly because I know that my family and friends are following it.

A few days ago, I looked back through the archives after Tristyn mentioned about it (the archives). Changes are absolutely inevitable, and reflecting and introspecting the past through the blog really made me see how I changed to grow and adapt to this foreign culture. It felt so distant to see “me”, two years ago. Not only were there changes in the way I think and write, but also in my photos, lifestyle, fashion style and relationship. I am not sure if I have grown a lot more mature or stronger or better, but definitely in many ways.

Another web 2.0 platform that has played an important part in capturing my memories is Facebook. It was also about the same time when I started social networking actively. I have created 68 photo albums and I know the amount seems to be ridiculous. Perhaps I was influenced from my father to like looking thru photos many times, editing and posting them onto web albums. He has also uploaded many photos of my family when I was not in Malaysia and spent a lot of time digging out the old photos and scanned them in to add into the collection. Therefore it was one of the best ways to keep me and my family updated about each other.

I have 13 more days before flying back to Malaysia. There are still many more posts that I would like to complete. But, once again, it seems hopeless because I am procrastinating too much nowadays and busy packing our stuff to move back to Glasgow soon (and also shopping!). I guess the post about our trip to Paris will be forgotten.

Meeting old friend

Yesterday I met up with Nagore, one of my closests friend when I was enrolled in the student exchange program in Belgium. She will be here for about 3 weeks for her English summer course, but yesterday was the only day where I had some free time. I was wondering if we would have nothing much to talk about after not seeing each other for about a year, but we ended up chatting non-stop.

It was great to meet up with a friend whom I have not seen for just a year. So, I suppose it’ll be even more exciting to see my friends in Malaysia. I’m coming home soon!

Hello lovely day

Yesterday was the first time I wore a skirt without leggings ever since I came to the UK. It was the suede skirt that looks too colourful as a piece itself.DSCF4342

while leaving the flat
 DSCF4349while waiting for the train
 DSCF4371oxford circus topshop

It was really hard not to spend too much during the sale season. But, sometimes I think the amount of money I would be spending on entertainment if I have many friends here would not be any lesser than the amount of money I spent on clothes.

Anyhow, the weather forecast for this week is rainy. So would that be the only time I could dress like that?

Posts about fashion are better than posts about Alex

Tristyn, this post is specially dedicated for you..

In the past few Saturdays, me and Alex went to explore other parts of London that we have not been before. I mentioned to you that I bought two skirts in the Spitalfields markets and also a suede skirt in Portobello Market. I got all of them from vintage stores. Honestly, I think that the vintage skirts are much better than the high street brands; although that only applies to the skirts. I can’t really fit into the vintage blouses or dresses or coats, probably because the English women have broader shoulders.

Besides that, the vintage skirts are cheaper and somehow fit me better.

You know I seldom take photos of my shopping items. But, here you go..

DSCF4307 DSCF4308DSCF4306this is the suede skirt that I insisted to buy, although I’m still wondering how to clean it later. the best way is perhaps to bring it the dry cleaners.

left:  i wore the blue checkered skirt to Portobello market..
right: the gray skirt isn’t vintage. I stopped wearing skirts after I turned 13 and didn’t buy any until when I finished high school 5 years later. But, that was only my second time wearing it (because I couldn’t fit into it after going to NS). My mum sent some stuff to me and included the skirt by mistake.