Posts about fashion are better than posts about Alex

Tristyn, this post is specially dedicated for you..

In the past few Saturdays, me and Alex went to explore other parts of London that we have not been before. I mentioned to you that I bought two skirts in the Spitalfields markets and also a suede skirt in Portobello Market. I got all of them from vintage stores. Honestly, I think that the vintage skirts are much better than the high street brands; although that only applies to the skirts. I can’t really fit into the vintage blouses or dresses or coats, probably because the English women have broader shoulders.

Besides that, the vintage skirts are cheaper and somehow fit me better.

You know I seldom take photos of my shopping items. But, here you go..

DSCF4307 DSCF4308DSCF4306this is the suede skirt that I insisted to buy, although I’m still wondering how to clean it later. the best way is perhaps to bring it the dry cleaners.

left:  i wore the blue checkered skirt to Portobello market..
right: the gray skirt isn’t vintage. I stopped wearing skirts after I turned 13 and didn’t buy any until when I finished high school 5 years later. But, that was only my second time wearing it (because I couldn’t fit into it after going to NS). My mum sent some stuff to me and included the skirt by mistake.

3 thoughts on “Posts about fashion are better than posts about Alex”

  1. Thank you for the blog.
    I washed my suede bag in the washing machine. I don’t think you are supposed to do that though.

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