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This blog was created a few months before I came to the UK, but I only started to update it regularly two months after I arrived. At that moment, I signed up for the account for the sake of having one. 

However, it eventually became a journal where I jotted down my life and experiences here. (Even at that time when Alex and I were not together yet, he was the one who influenced me to start blogging. So, I guess it’s quite an achievement for him to see the growth of this blog.) But, the reason that I managed to keep the blog updated (quite) regularly was mainly because I know that my family and friends are following it.

A few days ago, I looked back through the archives after Tristyn mentioned about it (the archives). Changes are absolutely inevitable, and reflecting and introspecting the past through the blog really made me see how I changed to grow and adapt to this foreign culture. It felt so distant to see “me”, two years ago. Not only were there changes in the way I think and write, but also in my photos, lifestyle, fashion style and relationship. I am not sure if I have grown a lot more mature or stronger or better, but definitely in many ways.

Another web 2.0 platform that has played an important part in capturing my memories is Facebook. It was also about the same time when I started social networking actively. I have created 68 photo albums and I know the amount seems to be ridiculous. Perhaps I was influenced from my father to like looking thru photos many times, editing and posting them onto web albums. He has also uploaded many photos of my family when I was not in Malaysia and spent a lot of time digging out the old photos and scanned them in to add into the collection. Therefore it was one of the best ways to keep me and my family updated about each other.

I have 13 more days before flying back to Malaysia. There are still many more posts that I would like to complete. But, once again, it seems hopeless because I am procrastinating too much nowadays and busy packing our stuff to move back to Glasgow soon (and also shopping!). I guess the post about our trip to Paris will be forgotten.

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