15 July to 24 July

I had a very hectic schedule in the past two weeks before I left UK. I didn’t have the time to write and also didn’t have Internet connection at my new house. So, here is a brief update when I managed to write.

15th-20th July (Wednesday-Monday) Work

20th July (Monday) Finished work at 2pm, took the train to Glasgow in the evening.

21st July (Tuesday) signed new lease for flat and did some errands. Bad weather.

22nd July (Wednesday) Went to uni to settle some stuff. Took the train back in the afternoon, reached London in the evening.

23rd July (Thursday) Worked double shift from 7.30am till 6.30pm. Farewell dinner at 7pm. Went to a club till 1am. Ashley and Mark walked me home and I chatted with them in front of the entrance till 1.30am. Went to bed at 2am.

24th July (Friday) Woke up at 6.30am and started work at 7am. Last day at work till 3pm. Walked around in the town centre with Alex after work to look for souvenirs. Didn’t get anything but met a regular customer in the cafe at Debenhams. Chatted with her for a while. Went groceries dating after that. Packed until midnight.

25th July (Saturday) Woke up quite early. Went to London Design Museum for the exhibition – remembering Jan Kaplicky. The architect passed away in January. Went to Spitalfield Market and Oxford Street after that. Reached home at 9pm. Had dinner and packed again.

26th July (Sunday) Packed and cleaned the house for whole day. Dropped by the cafe at 5pm. Stayed there for about one and an half hour and Helped with closing the store. Last time seeing Yeliz. Bought McD takeaway and continued packing again! Slept at 2am. It was the first time we managed to sleep on the day before a moving.

20th July (Monday) Woke up at 7:30am. Started bringing the boxes down at 8:00am. Glad that Mark came to help. Finished everything at 9am. Went to the cafe for the last time. Felt so sad leaving. 8 hours on the road with the mover. Reached Glasgow exactly at 6pm. Finished moving every thing up to new flat at 7.30pn. Good job Alex for carrying most of the stuff. Went out for mcd again, unpack, and slept at 12pm.

21th July (Tuesday) Finally managed to get good rest. Woke up at 10am. Cleaned the house and continue to unpack. Left the house at 1.30pm. Went to uni to collect the visa letter. Waited for more than an hour but didn’t manage to get it again. Continue to unpack and unpack and unpack again. Smart Alex fixed a table in the bedroom and it couldn’t go thru the door to the living room. Wrote this draft on mobile.

22nd July (Wednesday) Continued to unpack and cleaned the house again. Went to the uni again to settle some stuff.. Checked flight details in uni. No Internet access at home. Met tris, boris and Charlie to celebrate Tris’ birthday one day earlier. Tidied the house and packed for Malaysia after Tris and Boris left. Went to bed at 2am.

23rd July (Thursday) woke up early. Went to bank to verify bank statement. Happy with 30kg check in luggage allowance but still didn’t seem enough. Too much junk as usual. Spent first 7 hours in plane watching movies, playing games with Alex, listening to the music, didn’t sleep at all. Spent some time reminiscing the time before and after I left Malaysia. 4 hours transit in Dubai, and another 7 hours journey back to KL.

24 July (Friday) In KL!

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