I love my holiday!

I have not been updating my blog for a very very very loooong time. I know! But who am I updating for when I am now in Kuala Lumpur?  Life has been quite relaxing since I came back – basically just sleep and eat and sleep and eat! I either stayed at home doing non-productive things or went out with Alex hanging out around the shopping malls. But, we ‘’occasionally’’ did some sports too – swimming and playing badminton (actually for once only). Most of my friends have already graduated and are working, so I usually have too much free time during the weekdays. Weekends were supposed to be spent at home but those days were also the days which my friends always have their happy hours. But since I came back, at least I still managed to distribute my weekends equally between family and friends. I only went clubbing once every fortnight. So wasn’t it fair enough?

I just changed my return flight date. Supposed to fly back on the 5th Oct, I am now going back two weeks earlier. I am not sure of the next time I will be coming back to Malaysia. 

 P1060159 copy1
me and my sistersss!

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