Password retrieved

Microsoft Customer Support rocks!

I’m now wondering if I should just stick to my old account which I have used since I was 13 or the new one that kinda signifies a changing point in my life. It was really a coincidence that I was considering from being too active in social networking and move on probably to another chapter of my life, and my account was hacked then!!!!

Right after I realised that my account was hacked, I sent out messages via my blog or facebook to warn my friends about it. To use the new account now is perhaps the time to reflect the changes and divergence of the routes between me and my friends…..

MSN hacked

As stated in the title, my ‘jinglega’l’ msn account is hacked.. So if anyone receives any messages from that account thru messenger or email, please ignore it until I get things sorted out.. fingers crossed. 🙁

It happened on the last day I need to get my presentation panel printed. hmm…. Maybe it’s a sign for me to stay focused..

Fireworks tells the tale

There was a fireworks display at Glasgow Green last Thursday, celebrating Guy Fawkes Night. It was again time to  stand in the middle of the wide green field with a huge crowd of other people and freeze! It sounded contradictory.

I have never really visited Glasgow Green (during the daytime) since I came to the UK. But, the first time I have  been there was also for the same occasion, two years ago. It was dark at night.

Taking fireworks photos is unlike taking other photos where there is always chances to explore, try and test shoot.  So, here’s the first batch of the fireworks photos taken in my life with a D-SLR. They might not be the best..

DSC_0788.NEFI like the mystical effect of this photo…. The darkness of the immediate surroundings gives it a sense of an ancient, long-forgotten period, the fireworks right out of a wizard’s wand…(and it’s Alex favourite)

DSC_0770The photo i am going to use as my blog banner to replace the void and blankness of my blog all the while. 

A sparkle in between.


The group

The photos tell the tale.

Where is the sunshine?

The weather has been colder this week. The temperature dropped a few degree Celsius and it seems to make a lot of difference.

Looking through some of the holiday photos taken

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back in Malaysia makes me miss the sunshine and heat a lot..

Gloomy + windy weather in Scotland sucks! It has been raining the whole week and the whole day today..

DSC_0367 DSC_0448 DSCF5009 copy
DSC_0389 copy