Password retrieved

Microsoft Customer Support rocks!

I’m now wondering if I should just stick to my old account which I have used since I was 13 or the new one that kinda signifies a changing point in my life. It was really a coincidence that I was considering from being too active in social networking and move on probably to another chapter of my life, and my account was hacked then!!!!

Right after I realised that my account was hacked, I sent out messages via my blog or facebook to warn my friends about it. To use the new account now is perhaps the time to reflect the changes and divergence of the routes between me and my friends…..

5 thoughts on “Password retrieved”

  1. i dunno wor…i retrieve dy tat guy go change my password again…then he msg me using my msn to my ym telling me he is computer hacker
    now i retrieve back dy again!!!

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