More exciting years ahead!

This is gonna be my last post in the year of 2009.  And believe that the place in these two photos is real!
DSC_0908 copy (2)
DSC_0978 copyThe most surreal visited place of the year..

At this point, I suppose my resolution of the year is to update my blog more frequently. I feel extremely guilty to my readers especially my family ;P

Have a great new year everyone!

Great night!

A waste if i don’t wipe the dust off this long-hidden post and publish it.


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occasion for the night was a simple farewell + gathering dinner, somewhere really near my house.

IMG_5266IMG_5267IMG_5268 ‘the one that Audrey didn’t want to let me go’
IMG_5294 my super cool high school besties / the photo that audrey tried to kill me and also wai yuen =.=


no fighting over the food… (it’s my favourite shot among all!)

DSC_0159 and the guys..

It’s amazingly quick that it has been almost a quarter of a year since I came back and was loaded with university work.

I shall do a brief introduction about the new friends here in my next (next) (next) post… =D

Counting my days to holiday

The one week trip in Germany results the holiday mood and procrastination in me to continue my abandoned dissertation. I wish I could still chill around in my house, after days of slowly tidying the house and doing laundry for the whole week. I should deserve a break after weeks of struggling in my design studio project and all the hectic schedule. The days walking around the town looking for sites in cold wasn’t counted as holidays. Staying in hostel was not relaxing at all. The only full day in Munich was rainy and cold. After all, the weather in Glasgow doesn’t seem so bad besides the strong wind.

It seems like there is no days that I will be free of assignments until May. In fact, there is actually none. Christmas break will be the period we have to prepare our design scheme for the next project and complete the dissertation as much as we can.


And now it seems like I am regretting for not trying to start my dissertation writing rhythm earlier. But, inspiration, as always, only comes on the last few days before submission. ;p

The choices of Photoshop

I enjoyed working part time as a promoter in camera shops or events during my college days. Not only because I was very fascinated with anything related to photography, but for the satisfaction of sharing my product knowledge with beginners, especially parents in their middle age, clueless about the latest technology but hoping for a convenient gadget, at a reasonable price, that would capture the memories in their families.

One of the most asked questions was if the camera could take sharp photos with rich colours.

Among the millions of photos uploaded to the web nowadays, I see various photography styles. Honestly, I am tempted to explore Photoshop effects such as desaturating the colours or adding noise, as if my photos would be a lot more interesting after these effects.

But then, I remembered my first few basic preresquisites when getting the camera. Like most consumers, I questioned which camera could produce the best and richest colour among its range. So, what was the meaning of the integration between the brilliant sensor and lenses, if the rich colours was then nearly all rubbed away with Photoshop?

I am confused. I suppose to question whether photos should be photoshopped is like to ask whether a woman is more attractive with or without makeup. In fact, both are similar as they are meant to enhance certain features and to conceal flaws. But the difference is that the photo should serve its purpose to show a meaning of place.
 2 1 Eichstätt


I have always wanted to experience a real German Christmas market. Alex and Xenia in Germany have invited us over to their house to join them for Christmas, but the flight tickets are really too expensive. So, we had to cancel the plan.

But, I am glad that the field trip in Eichstatt was organised in the end of November and then we had the chance to drop by Munich for a couple of days and visit a real German Christmas market.

They have more stalls in the city centre and more varieties of Christmas decor and most importantly real German sausages! Those in the UK have really got to work hard to be compared to the ones in Germany.


Changes are permanent

It has been quite some time that I have not been blogging and this is already not the first time I have said so. But, after reflecting deeply, I wonder if it is merely due of the hectic schedule.

To me, a blog is a space where the hidden side of our personalities are exposed. Our blogging style defines our attitude. I have not been blogging for quite some time – is it because I am now at the point where I feel uncertain of who I am or who I should be? I am searching for my own blogging style, which means I am searching for my inner self too. Some might advise to live on, to not to think so much, and that’s life. But I think it’s necessary that we have to continuously progress slowly, reflect and redefine our directions in life.

Our personalities – to be more precise, whether we are self-centred or selfless,  is partly defined by those who are around us. When the changes in everyone around me are becoming more pronounced day by day, I think it’s essential to reflect who I am now in between all these people around me. I don’t deny changes because changes are the only permanent phenomenon in life, and I am too slow or egostical to adapt to these changes.

On the other hand, I just returned from the Uni field trip in Eichstatt, Germany. I like that it was a small town, but had so much for us to discover.
how the new integrates with the old

how the new embraces the old. this is a toilet cubicle inserted into a room not intended to have a toilet. The cubicle has a glass ceiling looking at the original plaster ceiling – a link between old and new.

to discover how the fake tries to fit into the surrounding

or how the fake tries to imitate the original. spot it!

this is a modern library integrated into a courtyard of two old buildings, with a new roof slapped over it. look how the spiral stairs become the perfect intermediate element between the old facade and the new stacks.