Changes are permanent

It has been quite some time that I have not been blogging and this is already not the first time I have said so. But, after reflecting deeply, I wonder if it is merely due of the hectic schedule.

To me, a blog is a space where the hidden side of our personalities are exposed. Our blogging style defines our attitude. I have not been blogging for quite some time – is it because I am now at the point where I feel uncertain of who I am or who I should be? I am searching for my own blogging style, which means I am searching for my inner self too. Some might advise to live on, to not to think so much, and that’s life. But I think it’s necessary that we have to continuously progress slowly, reflect and redefine our directions in life.

Our personalities – to be more precise, whether we are self-centred or selfless,  is partly defined by those who are around us. When the changes in everyone around me are becoming more pronounced day by day, I think it’s essential to reflect who I am now in between all these people around me. I don’t deny changes because changes are the only permanent phenomenon in life, and I am too slow or egostical to adapt to these changes.

On the other hand, I just returned from the Uni field trip in Eichstatt, Germany. I like that it was a small town, but had so much for us to discover.
how the new integrates with the old

how the new embraces the old. this is a toilet cubicle inserted into a room not intended to have a toilet. The cubicle has a glass ceiling looking at the original plaster ceiling – a link between old and new.

to discover how the fake tries to fit into the surrounding

or how the fake tries to imitate the original. spot it!

this is a modern library integrated into a courtyard of two old buildings, with a new roof slapped over it. look how the spiral stairs become the perfect intermediate element between the old facade and the new stacks.

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