The choices of Photoshop

I enjoyed working part time as a promoter in camera shops or events during my college days. Not only because I was very fascinated with anything related to photography, but for the satisfaction of sharing my product knowledge with beginners, especially parents in their middle age, clueless about the latest technology but hoping for a convenient gadget, at a reasonable price, that would capture the memories in their families.

One of the most asked questions was if the camera could take sharp photos with rich colours.

Among the millions of photos uploaded to the web nowadays, I see various photography styles. Honestly, I am tempted to explore Photoshop effects such as desaturating the colours or adding noise, as if my photos would be a lot more interesting after these effects.

But then, I remembered my first few basic preresquisites when getting the camera. Like most consumers, I questioned which camera could produce the best and richest colour among its range. So, what was the meaning of the integration between the brilliant sensor and lenses, if the rich colours was then nearly all rubbed away with Photoshop?

I am confused. I suppose to question whether photos should be photoshopped is like to ask whether a woman is more attractive with or without makeup. In fact, both are similar as they are meant to enhance certain features and to conceal flaws. But the difference is that the photo should serve its purpose to show a meaning of place.
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3 thoughts on “The choices of Photoshop”

  1. Do not be confused. The idea of photography relates to Art. Beginning from aRT ANd ends with Art.

    There is confusion in art if there may be, for Confusion is a form of art itself.

    So this is art. don’t be confused. 🙂

  2. hmm.. yeah. i have seen or been told about the relationship between photography and art all the while, but am always too blind to personalise it. perhaps that is the answer i have been looking for. thanks for the advice.. appreciate it so much! 😉

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