Counting my days to holiday

The one week trip in Germany results the holiday mood and procrastination in me to continue my abandoned dissertation. I wish I could still chill around in my house, after days of slowly tidying the house and doing laundry for the whole week. I should deserve a break after weeks of struggling in my design studio project and all the hectic schedule. The days walking around the town looking for sites in cold wasn’t counted as holidays. Staying in hostel was not relaxing at all. The only full day in Munich was rainy and cold. After all, the weather in Glasgow doesn’t seem so bad besides the strong wind.

It seems like there is no days that I will be free of assignments until May. In fact, there is actually none. Christmas break will be the period we have to prepare our design scheme for the next project and complete the dissertation as much as we can.


And now it seems like I am regretting for not trying to start my dissertation writing rhythm earlier. But, inspiration, as always, only comes on the last few days before submission. ;p

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