Stay focused





I have a huge problem with staying focus in doing my assignments! Well, I have problems staying focus in anything thou. It is a very bad habit that I occasionally click on the Chrome icon on my taskbar and then start clicking randomly on other websites. The infinite web sphere is just so amazing yet distracting!

I am not sure if I could set wallpaper on Google Chrome homepage, so I uploaded this image to my blog and link the jpeg URL as my homepage. Smart enough to spend time producing the image, write, blog and procrastinate again!


And also because it’s much faster to launch Chrome. And it closes faster too, without any options to save the opened webpages.
Back to work 2!

Family and friends and fun

I was watching the farewell dinner videos that Yee Ming posted on Facebook, and I thought, maybe I shall go back again this year! Hmm… 


DSC_0205                  mi. re. fa. do

1- This is the sister who is
now attending her National Service. Time flies and I am quite amazed that the programme still exists until now. 
2 – Sad me… :’(

Just because of that few minutes videos, I ended up with more than an hour with this post.
Back to work!


I mentioned this in my few previous posts. In the end of last November, the university organised a field trip to Eichstätt, a small town in the Bavarian region of Germany.

I like Eichstätt. It’s a town with a lot of tiny surprises, especially for architecture students. We spent our first two days walking randomly around town and discovering interesting building details

around us.

It almost seems like a prop town or a cinema studio because of a number of fake facades to keep the whole town looking aesthetically uniform. But it’s nice. Recent buildings were all designed

to be quite sensitive to the context.

Unfortunately, during the next few days we began to feel stressed over looking for a potential site for our next design project. I called it ‘site shopping’. This semester, we are going to design a

library, a small one about approx 800 sqm floor area – we’ll have fun with the lots of details!

Eichstätt, the beautiful small town. 
[special note to someone special: I didn’t do much Photoshop on this, probably just cropping and it does make a difference between both cameras..]

SONY DSC                     The Eichstätt group! It was only probably slightly more than half of the class. The others had their trip to St Andrews in Scotland. [photo credit: nicholas]

DSC_0155 copythe view from the tower .

the only brick building in the town .
wounded facade within facade [notice the visible steel beam above the reddish brown door?] 
   DSC_0601 DSC_0773

experience architecture . the photo on the right was kinda creepy. Four of us had the opportunity to climb up the disused stairs leading to the top of the tower above the city hall.

A bit of Glasgow

I started my year with sore throat and cough after all the shouting and screaming at the Hogmanay (Scottish new year celebration).

During the week before New Year, Adrian, a close friend of Alex back in college and Justin, a friend of my primary school, visited us in Glasgow.

While I have been in Glasgow for quite some time, I have not really been to the West End, where the stately Glasgow University resides. So we brought Adrian there by subway, explored Kelvingrove Park in white (the park, not us), walked on the slippery icy pathway and nearly slipped a few times.

Then, we walked to Byres Road for lunch. Amazingly, we found a number of retro and vintage shops, where there are hidden gems… But winter is really not a good time to go around, and I shall be back there one day in Spring, even if just to visit the Kelvingrove museum and art gallery (if anyone else visits. ;p)

on the pathway or the grass?

the mural on the wall. they even did it on the pole.. amazing!

the huge mobile and calculator.. they are electrical boxes.

told you that it was almost all white!

the remaining brown and green in the white park..

that’s adrian!

DSC_0828 DSC_0857
beautiful winter river..

I hope you guys like the photos! 😉

In the airport

I am just wondering where are the rest of the photos…

one two three plus one more in the mirror reflection, holding the camera 

7735_1224741614621_1111419762_725324_3057798_n (1)
me- already the tannest plus tanner from the beach trip 🙁 + i’m not exactly the shortest :p
mum in the middle.. duh! 

7735_1224741734624_1111419762_725327_5571074_n (1)
missing one..

chee + tee

the UK group invaders plus one ‘sesat’ in pink

Welcome 2010!

It seems to be a great start when I blog on the very first day of the year. Happy New Year everyone!
I woke up in the noon, so I suppose I had enough rest for a start. I spent some time organising my photo albums and uploaded a few from the Germany field trip on Facebook. I have 60 folders for LAST year, so let’s hope it’ll be more or at least equally interesting THIS year (although the number of photos doesn’t really denote the interestingness).

To blog about resolutions and hopes is probably one of the most common subject during New Year. Although it might sound too common or boring, it’s meaningful and special for each of us. But I figured the habit of breaking my resolutions almost every year is the part that spoils the fun part of making them. Thus, this year, I wish to make mine more exciting. I shall decide that if I don’t manage to keep my 2010’s resolution, I shall never make any for the other New Year’s.

So, what’s my resolution(s) for the year of 2010? I want to be happy! I am not sure if it sounds right, but it’s my resolution. It doesn’t sound concrete, but the meaning of being ‘happy’ in mine encompasses many aspects. As I realise that there might be different choices to be happy in life – whether I want to do it selflessly or selfishly – I suppose the best for mine is to live wisely and have no guilt/regrets in life.

DSC_0636 DSC_0645

p.s. have fun in NS, my sister… take care! It’ll be a good 2010 start for you… 😉