Welcome 2010!

It seems to be a great start when I blog on the very first day of the year. Happy New Year everyone!
I woke up in the noon, so I suppose I had enough rest for a start. I spent some time organising my photo albums and uploaded a few from the Germany field trip on Facebook. I have 60 folders for LAST year, so let’s hope it’ll be more or at least equally interesting THIS year (although the number of photos doesn’t really denote the interestingness).

To blog about resolutions and hopes is probably one of the most common subject during New Year. Although it might sound too common or boring, it’s meaningful and special for each of us. But I figured the habit of breaking my resolutions almost every year is the part that spoils the fun part of making them. Thus, this year, I wish to make mine more exciting. I shall decide that if I don’t manage to keep my 2010’s resolution, I shall never make any for the other New Year’s.

So, what’s my resolution(s) for the year of 2010? I want to be happy! I am not sure if it sounds right, but it’s my resolution. It doesn’t sound concrete, but the meaning of being ‘happy’ in mine encompasses many aspects. As I realise that there might be different choices to be happy in life – whether I want to do it selflessly or selfishly – I suppose the best for mine is to live wisely and have no guilt/regrets in life.

DSC_0636 DSC_0645

p.s. have fun in NS, my sister… take care! It’ll be a good 2010 start for you… 😉

6 thoughts on “Welcome 2010!”

  1. happy new year too! since when hav u been concrete in ur thinking? So there isn’t any need to in the 1st place. 😛 Live life and enjoy. n_n

  2. *like*

    i think being happy is the whole point.. i mean, any new year resolutions you might make, they are to make you happy in one way or another. so this just cuts away all that crap and to the point 🙂

    hope u have a happy year!

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