A bit of Glasgow

I started my year with sore throat and cough after all the shouting and screaming at the Hogmanay (Scottish new year celebration).

During the week before New Year, Adrian, a close friend of Alex back in college and Justin, a friend of my primary school, visited us in Glasgow.

While I have been in Glasgow for quite some time, I have not really been to the West End, where the stately Glasgow University resides. So we brought Adrian there by subway, explored Kelvingrove Park in white (the park, not us), walked on the slippery icy pathway and nearly slipped a few times.

Then, we walked to Byres Road for lunch. Amazingly, we found a number of retro and vintage shops, where there are hidden gems… But winter is really not a good time to go around, and I shall be back there one day in Spring, even if just to visit the Kelvingrove museum and art gallery (if anyone else visits. ;p)

on the pathway or the grass?

the mural on the wall. they even did it on the pole.. amazing!

the huge mobile and calculator.. they are electrical boxes.

told you that it was almost all white!

the remaining brown and green in the white park..

that’s adrian!

DSC_0828 DSC_0857
beautiful winter river..

I hope you guys like the photos! 😉

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