I mentioned this in my few previous posts. In the end of last November, the university organised a field trip to Eichstätt, a small town in the Bavarian region of Germany.

I like Eichstätt. It’s a town with a lot of tiny surprises, especially for architecture students. We spent our first two days walking randomly around town and discovering interesting building details

around us.

It almost seems like a prop town or a cinema studio because of a number of fake facades to keep the whole town looking aesthetically uniform. But it’s nice. Recent buildings were all designed

to be quite sensitive to the context.

Unfortunately, during the next few days we began to feel stressed over looking for a potential site for our next design project. I called it ‘site shopping’. This semester, we are going to design a

library, a small one about approx 800 sqm floor area – we’ll have fun with the lots of details!

Eichstätt, the beautiful small town. 
[special note to someone special: I didn’t do much Photoshop on this, probably just cropping and it does make a difference between both cameras..]

SONY DSC                     The Eichstätt group! It was only probably slightly more than half of the class. The others had their trip to St Andrews in Scotland. [photo credit: nicholas]

DSC_0155 copythe view from the tower .

the only brick building in the town .
wounded facade within facade [notice the visible steel beam above the reddish brown door?] 
   DSC_0601 DSC_0773

experience architecture . the photo on the right was kinda creepy. Four of us had the opportunity to climb up the disused stairs leading to the top of the tower above the city hall.

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