Work + no play now

Mies Van De Rohe said, ‘Less is more.’

Robert Venturi said, ‘Less is a bore.’

At this stage, I would say, ‘More is a bore.’

I was feeling quite moody last week, because I felt like I didn’t even have the time to feel my emotions. I was quite immune to the feeling of being happy or sad, but I knew how it was to feel sleepy and tired.

This post is not to ramble like this is my first day in architecture, or as if I have never expected what it is going to be like to study postgraduate architecture, but I just need a space to moan!

Once, I mentioned that I wanted to combine all the photos of the gatherings, dinners, parties, etc that happened since I came back to Uni and make a brief introduction to my readers about the new friends I met. Forget about the combination post because I think I will never have the time, because I prefer wasting my time surfing away on chrome. And because of that post, I feel like it holds me back from writing about other stuff because I prefer to keep things in sequence if possible.

Considering that most blog posts nowadays will probably be about how stressed I feel or how ‘boring’ my life is, and all of them sound negative, I will just insert those photos randomly at the end of every “moan post”. So, here’s how it’s going to work = moan + dinner/party photos! It’s something you guys have to bear with but I will reward you with some photos at the end.. This is what I call, balance in my life =D

Year 2009 part i …

DSC_0170 (2)
photo credit: Felicia
Mooncake festival celebration : wasn’t very close with the new Malaysian classmates yet. it was our first time to their penthouse!! =.=

photo credit: Felicia

Singaporean Society dinner at Korean restaurant: in fact, we had more Malaysians at the dinner. first time meeting the other two Singaporean siblings.

photo credit: Felicia

Amily’s Bday + BBQ : the penthouse again! this is the kitchen only!!! dining area not included.

DSC_0805Guys Fawkes Night : the one we took photos of fireworks

Karaoke dinner at a Chinese restaurant : the guys sang until they ‘sweat’.. =.=””

photo credit: Nicholas
Munich trip after Eichstatt : restaurant at the basement..

7720848589a11987543909lArchitecture night at O’ Couture : to celebrate the end of first studio project. stold this photo from their Bebo page.

Skip class = guilt

It’s hard to get back to bed at 9.14am, although I am actually still feeling extremely tired and sleepy. The lecture has started and I am now lying on the coach typing this on my phone. I just skipped a Monday lecture at 9am.

Frankly, I belong to the kind of person that will drag myself to class/ work even if I am very sick. But no matter how positive I would like to stay, I still hate Mondays!!! Because on these days, I will have to be at Uni by 10.30am to get my drawings ready for class at 11am and then attend tutorial session that ends at 5pm, but by the time I leave Uni and reach home, it’s already 6pm!!

I know it actually doesn’t sound that bad, but it always seem like a looooooong day when it’s hard for me to go to bed early and wake up early the next day to follow this routine.

The house is also always messy (messier) after weekends. And on every Sunday night, I would always tell myself to start new healthy habit because it’s going to be the start of another week. I didn’t make it a habit to make this weekly resolution (and not keep it) but it somehow just came across my mind in the beginning of every week!! Nonetheless after many weeks of thinking like that, I begin realise as I feel familiar every time I make the weekly resolution. Its like Deja vu.

Anyway, to make myself feel better, I just assume that I am now sick so I need rest…

(as mentioned, I wrote this in the morning.)

On the other hand, I didn’t manage to produce much work that should be relevant to this week’s detailed development for today’s tutorial. So, my tutor didn’t seem happy. But, for what I felt for today’s tiring day, to go to Uni is already a little effort, as the studio is already quieter today due to the dissertation dateline soon. To show something (although not much) is a bit extra little effort. (I still had my drawings, site photos, model, but just not the huge 1:10/1:20 model!) Although at the same time I understand the tutor’s frustration, all I hoped for was a little bit of guidance to look at other part of my design instead of chilling at home.

Then I spent my early evening, tidying the house – what a productive day to make my other days more productive!



p.s. Alex made a big deal about me making a big deal about skipping class. ;P


3 little things

Three amazing things happened to me today. They weren’t something BIG!! but they made my day.

The first amazing thing..
Today a man carrying a toddler walked into the store I work at. While I was waiting for him to place his order, I smiled and waved at the baby he was carrying. To my surprise, the baby reacted like she wants to come into my arms. The man let her down on the floor and she immediately crawled towards me who was standing at the side of the bar counter. The first thought that came straight across my mind was, Asian parents would never let their children crawl on that dirty floor. (On a second thought, I rephrase, not all Asian Chinese parents.) Nonetheless, she crawled towards me and tried to stand, wanting me to carry her. I carried the cute baby in her red bubble jacket and was amazed how light she was, like a bag of feathers. Then, I realised that it was perhaps because it had been a long time since I really carried a baby in my arms. The last time was perhaps more than two years ago. I have seen a lot of cute babies especially in the store where I worked at last year, where many mums like to have their morning tea with their babies in prams. The babies were so cute but I never had the chance to really play with them of course. It was my first time carrying a Caucasian baby.

I thought it was something interesting to share or jot down in my blog, so I started drafting this post in my mind while working. A moment later, when I was restocking some items in front of the bar counter, the baby somehow was near my leg again. This time, she held my leg to stand up and again wanted me to carry her. A woman was supervising her. I carried her, and when the woman wanted to get her back, the baby sulked. She was reluctant to go over to her arms and held me tightly. For a moment, we had a stunned look on our faces. It felt as if there was a special connection with her. And she was just so cute!! In the end I passed her back to her dad.

The second amazing thing that happened today…
A man randomly walked into the store and gave me and my colleague a £10 note as reward for working so hard! He said that he won some money today, so I guess he wanted to share his happiness around? It was totally random! So that makes £5 each since there were only two of us during that shift. It was a busy Saturday indeed, so he was right.. we worked really hard today!

Third amazing thing that happened today was also the reason I feel motivated to write this post today during these busy weekends. An anonymous person has written a positive comment on my blog. I am not sure if it was a spam message because it was commented on that post that always received spammed comments. I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as it made my day and motivated me to blog more anyhow!

I believe that there are always little things that makes everyone’s day everyday, and it really depends on whether we choose to look at the glass half full or half empty…

Cambridge, here I come..

I have been to Cambridge twice, but the next one will be different because I will probably not get the chance to visit the libraries in Cambridge again. But, this is probably just an excuse to make me feel better for going, all because I have paid for the bus trip organised by a student and didn’t want to waste it. This also happened because of an email sent by the studio convenor convincing everyone to fill up the bus and tempting us with this rare chance!

I, on the other hand, actually rather earn a whole 24 hours if I stayed at home finishing another chapter of my dissertation. Looking at the bright side, I suppose this visit will surely inspire my library design project this semester. The tutors said that the trip will be very beneficial, so I believe that it will.

14 hours return bus trip, here I come!!! T_______T


Some photos from the studio. It was a 2-days workshop to design a shelter for the refugees…

DSCF9230 this was when almost everyone was not concentrating..

DSCF9231Alex said, ‘’Stay focused!!’’ 

DSCF9258 do work..

Puisan’s random creation..

The confirmationss

I am again distracted, but blogging at least helps to pick up my writing rhythm before I start my dissertation. (excuse!)

Anyhow, I received an email from the Uni confirming our graduation ceremony date. It’ll be on the 7th of July. So, my parents might be coming, only if I am not going back to Malaysia this summer.

Few hours later, Audrey forwarded me a copy of her travel itinerary. Her Europe invasion trip with Wai Sun is also finally confirmed!

I can’t wait for both my parents and two of my best friends to visit, but thinking of the submission deadlines, I wish time doesn’t fly fast.

fotd1 Random FOTD..

Double redness

Happy Chinese New Year!!! It’s the time to reconcile and let go all grudges, and sincerely wish peace and happiness for everyone… =D


It’s my 3rd CNY away from home but 4th CNY not celebrating with relatives in my parents’ hometown. Me and my sister went to Shanghai with my dad during my last CNY before I came over to UK. I remember when we reached home on the 5th/6th day of CNY, I had a mild fever, so I didn’t manage to go back to my grandparents’ and join my mum and other two sisters. I spent my days and nights with my classmates at the studio, rushing for the site analysis presentation on the following week.

So now, again, I am celebrating my CNY with studio work!!! Detailed drawing pinned up tutorial + Studio pinned up review tomorrow.. yay yay!

Here’s two videos to share from last night’s reunion dinner

(credit to Pei Fun for uploading them on Youtube):


The ‘tiger’ with six legs dance..

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Superstar Lady Gaga Alistair Peacock..

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And a Valentine’s Love for everyone..
DSCF9470 copy

The architecture exhibition

I am too busy until I don’t have the time to moan on my blog. This is a short post. I am sorry! If
you guys notice, I added a twitter gadget at the side toolbar. I wasn’t into Twitter, because I
thought I wouldn’t be interested to tweet every hour to update about my life. Who in the world
would be interested to know what I do everyday? And I usually post short updates in
Facebook; it feels nicer when friends can actually comment on it easily.

But now, I think it’s probably quite nice to share some thoughts in a quicker way. Twitter is a
form of microblogging after all.

Also, just to let you know that my blog is not dead yet! Neither I gave up blogging nor
reached the stage to think that blogging was once my hobby.
Just bear with me for a while. It’s annoying when I actually have a few saved drafts and with a
bit of refinement and photos, I could actually post them.

Some photos from the exhibition. It sounds cool when we said we had to hand in our work to the curators..  😉

And here’s what we did..

DSCF9166 copy
DSCF9164 copyDSCF9202 copyDSCF9179 copy2616481_CreateAgif
don’t you think the guy who came out with the idea presenting the site analysis in this way is brilliant? sorry, i didn’t really have the time to adjust the image size.

Enjoy because I am not sure when’s the next time I will blog. Tomorrow, maybe.. =D