The architecture exhibition

I am too busy until I don’t have the time to moan on my blog. This is a short post. I am sorry! If
you guys notice, I added a twitter gadget at the side toolbar. I wasn’t into Twitter, because I
thought I wouldn’t be interested to tweet every hour to update about my life. Who in the world
would be interested to know what I do everyday? And I usually post short updates in
Facebook; it feels nicer when friends can actually comment on it easily.

But now, I think it’s probably quite nice to share some thoughts in a quicker way. Twitter is a
form of microblogging after all.

Also, just to let you know that my blog is not dead yet! Neither I gave up blogging nor
reached the stage to think that blogging was once my hobby.
Just bear with me for a while. It’s annoying when I actually have a few saved drafts and with a
bit of refinement and photos, I could actually post them.

Some photos from the exhibition. It sounds cool when we said we had to hand in our work to the curators..  😉

And here’s what we did..

DSCF9166 copy
DSCF9164 copyDSCF9202 copyDSCF9179 copy2616481_CreateAgif
don’t you think the guy who came out with the idea presenting the site analysis in this way is brilliant? sorry, i didn’t really have the time to adjust the image size.

Enjoy because I am not sure when’s the next time I will blog. Tomorrow, maybe.. =D

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