Double redness

Happy Chinese New Year!!! It’s the time to reconcile and let go all grudges, and sincerely wish peace and happiness for everyone… =D


It’s my 3rd CNY away from home but 4th CNY not celebrating with relatives in my parents’ hometown. Me and my sister went to Shanghai with my dad during my last CNY before I came over to UK. I remember when we reached home on the 5th/6th day of CNY, I had a mild fever, so I didn’t manage to go back to my grandparents’ and join my mum and other two sisters. I spent my days and nights with my classmates at the studio, rushing for the site analysis presentation on the following week.

So now, again, I am celebrating my CNY with studio work!!! Detailed drawing pinned up tutorial + Studio pinned up review tomorrow.. yay yay!

Here’s two videos to share from last night’s reunion dinner

(credit to Pei Fun for uploading them on Youtube):


The ‘tiger’ with six legs dance..

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Superstar Lady Gaga Alistair Peacock..