Cambridge, here I come..

I have been to Cambridge twice, but the next one will be different because I will probably not get the chance to visit the libraries in Cambridge again. But, this is probably just an excuse to make me feel better for going, all because I have paid for the bus trip organised by a student and didn’t want to waste it. This also happened because of an email sent by the studio convenor convincing everyone to fill up the bus and tempting us with this rare chance!

I, on the other hand, actually rather earn a whole 24 hours if I stayed at home finishing another chapter of my dissertation. Looking at the bright side, I suppose this visit will surely inspire my library design project this semester. The tutors said that the trip will be very beneficial, so I believe that it will.

14 hours return bus trip, here I come!!! T_______T


Some photos from the studio. It was a 2-days workshop to design a shelter for the refugees…

DSCF9230 this was when almost everyone was not concentrating..

DSCF9231Alex said, ‘’Stay focused!!’’ 

DSCF9258 do work..

Puisan’s random creation..

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