3 little things

Three amazing things happened to me today. They weren’t something BIG!! but they made my day.

The first amazing thing..
Today a man carrying a toddler walked into the store I work at. While I was waiting for him to place his order, I smiled and waved at the baby he was carrying. To my surprise, the baby reacted like she wants to come into my arms. The man let her down on the floor and she immediately crawled towards me who was standing at the side of the bar counter. The first thought that came straight across my mind was, Asian parents would never let their children crawl on that dirty floor. (On a second thought, I rephrase, not all Asian Chinese parents.) Nonetheless, she crawled towards me and tried to stand, wanting me to carry her. I carried the cute baby in her red bubble jacket and was amazed how light she was, like a bag of feathers. Then, I realised that it was perhaps because it had been a long time since I really carried a baby in my arms. The last time was perhaps more than two years ago. I have seen a lot of cute babies especially in the store where I worked at last year, where many mums like to have their morning tea with their babies in prams. The babies were so cute but I never had the chance to really play with them of course. It was my first time carrying a Caucasian baby.

I thought it was something interesting to share or jot down in my blog, so I started drafting this post in my mind while working. A moment later, when I was restocking some items in front of the bar counter, the baby somehow was near my leg again. This time, she held my leg to stand up and again wanted me to carry her. A woman was supervising her. I carried her, and when the woman wanted to get her back, the baby sulked. She was reluctant to go over to her arms and held me tightly. For a moment, we had a stunned look on our faces. It felt as if there was a special connection with her. And she was just so cute!! In the end I passed her back to her dad.

The second amazing thing that happened today…
A man randomly walked into the store and gave me and my colleague a £10 note as reward for working so hard! He said that he won some money today, so I guess he wanted to share his happiness around? It was totally random! So that makes £5 each since there were only two of us during that shift. It was a busy Saturday indeed, so he was right.. we worked really hard today!

Third amazing thing that happened today was also the reason I feel motivated to write this post today during these busy weekends. An anonymous person has written a positive comment on my blog. I am not sure if it was a spam message because it was commented on that post that always received spammed comments. I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as it made my day and motivated me to blog more anyhow!

I believe that there are always little things that makes everyone’s day everyday, and it really depends on whether we choose to look at the glass half full or half empty…

2 thoughts on “3 little things”

  1. haha..maybe the 1st incident is an indication that you should have your own one.. 😛

    2nd one…. erm..u sure he’s not one of those like in Malaysia, “luan luan” give money to people?

    3rd: Where where? I also wanna see..hehe…

    And also Happy CNY!!! Ang Pow as from your mommy la.. n_n” (Ex or current also can, as long as it’s nt me)

  2. papa ym.. u damn kiam!! each year also like that.. 😛 no angpow T_T

    and in msia, are there ppl who ‘luan luan’ give money? how come i never met any? haha..

    and the comment, u can see it at the recent comment box on my blog side toolbar, if u reading from my blog itself.. ;p

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