Skip class = guilt

It’s hard to get back to bed at 9.14am, although I am actually still feeling extremely tired and sleepy. The lecture has started and I am now lying on the coach typing this on my phone. I just skipped a Monday lecture at 9am.

Frankly, I belong to the kind of person that will drag myself to class/ work even if I am very sick. But no matter how positive I would like to stay, I still hate Mondays!!! Because on these days, I will have to be at Uni by 10.30am to get my drawings ready for class at 11am and then attend tutorial session that ends at 5pm, but by the time I leave Uni and reach home, it’s already 6pm!!

I know it actually doesn’t sound that bad, but it always seem like a looooooong day when it’s hard for me to go to bed early and wake up early the next day to follow this routine.

The house is also always messy (messier) after weekends. And on every Sunday night, I would always tell myself to start new healthy habit because it’s going to be the start of another week. I didn’t make it a habit to make this weekly resolution (and not keep it) but it somehow just came across my mind in the beginning of every week!! Nonetheless after many weeks of thinking like that, I begin realise as I feel familiar every time I make the weekly resolution. Its like Deja vu.

Anyway, to make myself feel better, I just assume that I am now sick so I need rest…

(as mentioned, I wrote this in the morning.)

On the other hand, I didn’t manage to produce much work that should be relevant to this week’s detailed development for today’s tutorial. So, my tutor didn’t seem happy. But, for what I felt for today’s tiring day, to go to Uni is already a little effort, as the studio is already quieter today due to the dissertation dateline soon. To show something (although not much) is a bit extra little effort. (I still had my drawings, site photos, model, but just not the huge 1:10/1:20 model!) Although at the same time I understand the tutor’s frustration, all I hoped for was a little bit of guidance to look at other part of my design instead of chilling at home.

Then I spent my early evening, tidying the house – what a productive day to make my other days more productive!



p.s. Alex made a big deal about me making a big deal about skipping class. ;P


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