Work + no play now

Mies Van De Rohe said, ‘Less is more.’

Robert Venturi said, ‘Less is a bore.’

At this stage, I would say, ‘More is a bore.’

I was feeling quite moody last week, because I felt like I didn’t even have the time to feel my emotions. I was quite immune to the feeling of being happy or sad, but I knew how it was to feel sleepy and tired.

This post is not to ramble like this is my first day in architecture, or as if I have never expected what it is going to be like to study postgraduate architecture, but I just need a space to moan!

Once, I mentioned that I wanted to combine all the photos of the gatherings, dinners, parties, etc that happened since I came back to Uni and make a brief introduction to my readers about the new friends I met. Forget about the combination post because I think I will never have the time, because I prefer wasting my time surfing away on chrome. And because of that post, I feel like it holds me back from writing about other stuff because I prefer to keep things in sequence if possible.

Considering that most blog posts nowadays will probably be about how stressed I feel or how ‘boring’ my life is, and all of them sound negative, I will just insert those photos randomly at the end of every “moan post”. So, here’s how it’s going to work = moan + dinner/party photos! It’s something you guys have to bear with but I will reward you with some photos at the end.. This is what I call, balance in my life =D

Year 2009 part i …

DSC_0170 (2)
photo credit: Felicia
Mooncake festival celebration : wasn’t very close with the new Malaysian classmates yet. it was our first time to their penthouse!! =.=

photo credit: Felicia

Singaporean Society dinner at Korean restaurant: in fact, we had more Malaysians at the dinner. first time meeting the other two Singaporean siblings.

photo credit: Felicia

Amily’s Bday + BBQ : the penthouse again! this is the kitchen only!!! dining area not included.

DSC_0805Guys Fawkes Night : the one we took photos of fireworks

Karaoke dinner at a Chinese restaurant : the guys sang until they ‘sweat’.. =.=””

photo credit: Nicholas
Munich trip after Eichstatt : restaurant at the basement..

7720848589a11987543909lArchitecture night at O’ Couture : to celebrate the end of first studio project. stold this photo from their Bebo page.

One thought on “Work + no play now”

  1. hey suangyee,
    i’ve heard about u and tristyn and the other ‘kinky-ians’ a lot from cheryl and cherie, and ive also been stalking ur blogs every now and then too! 😛

    cheryl and i will probably be experiencing what u’re going through very soon…so hang in there! im sure u’ll pull through. :)))

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