Sunshine + strong wind

It’s spring yet it’s still so cold, mainly because of the strong wind. Poor heater that we still have to keep operated (although much lesser).

We have just received our electricity bill yesterday, and it was so expensive!!! In the UK, we pay our bill either monthly or quarterly. We chose to pay quarterly. The previous bill was cheap and we felt extremely glad. But, what we didn’t realise was the amount we paid at that time was actually the minimum estimated. The statement reminded us to update our meter reading with the company if we had to pay extra, and obviously we didn’t because we didn’t read it properly. Thus, this time we have to pay for electricity used in the last approximately 5 months. It’s more painful to pay the money in a lump sum….!!

Photos from the steamboat dinner in February. Just perfect for winter. It was also a farewell dinner for Daemus and Angel. Glasgow is so different without both of you.
    MySpaceGens_1924762081 (2) MySpaceGens_1924762081 (4) DSC_0177
Last photo of girls only…

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