The Cambridge libraries day trip

In February, our tutors organised a day trip down to Cambridge. It was a 14 hours bus journey back and forth, and I survived! with the power of travel sickness pills. They are magic pills.

It was my third time to the town, but this educational tour was different. The weather was terrible, but the visit to the libraries was nice. The serene and calm atmosphere in the town is a perfect place for scholars.

DSC_0203 DSC_0314 DSC_0406
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ DSCF9504 copy The beret that conceals my ugliness in glasses.

After this week:

I am falling sick and blogging makes me feel better (and happier).
Here’s what I have already been imagining myself doing during my summer holiday:
  1. Spring Summer clean – Can’t wait to kill all the bacteria and germs in my flat! This house makes me sick. I imagine me (and Alex) doing a makeover for the flat like what they did in the reality program – Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, except for the house demolition with tractor part.

  2. Eat healthily – That’s probably why I’m falling sick now. My body immune system struggles to fight against the evil. Drink more water and get enough rest.

  3. Write and blog – I, strangely enough, am actually feeling guilty to leave my blog not updated for quite some time.

  4. Read! – I think I should finish all the half-way read books. But, if the books are not interesting enough to make me stay until the last page, maybe I should give up? I just have the hope that something nice and inspiring might appear in the last few pages of the books.

  5. Movies and TV series – one of the best things to do in front of the monitor whole day is to enjoy all these programmes without worrying about assignment datelines. This  always comes across my mind every time I start procrastinating and shift my attention from my serious work to internet browsing. But, if I don’t have any assignments to deal with during my holidays, maybe I should just take a break away from it. Maybe pack the whole pc set in the storage for a couple of months? It sounds quite ridiculous for an internet addict like me.

  6. Sleep – I actually think I have been already sleeping way too much as an architecture student. The only difference is that I go to bed when the sun rises and wake up in late afternoon. Well, 7-8 hours sleep a day – perfect sleeping hours. Some say the beauty sleep hours is between 10pm – 2am (something like that). Does it make any differences?

  7. Join Alex for his badminton (maybe) – Am definitely not an athletic person.

  8. Clean out wardrobe clutter and organise closet space – Am feeling excited for this. I read it somewhere that it’s easier to remember our outfits by sorting them in colour order. And I need more closet space.

  9. Let go my unnecessary stuff.

  10. And then buy more unnecessary stuff.
  11. Dinners and outings? – I need a life.

  12. Visit museums and galleries –  I can’t believe that I have only visited one art gallery in Glasgow so far, and that was only once. I have probably visited more museums and galleries in each cities / towns that I have travelled around.

  13. Do some day / short trips around Scotland and North England – By train or bus. Alex fancies some bike tours around. If so, he really needs to work hard to get himself (and me) those bicycles and equipments.

  14. Work more for my travel fund.

  15. Learn how to sew and improve my cooking skill – My mum is very good at them, and me, the total opposite. I will probably know how to sew a button, but it will then fall off a couple of days later.

  16. Enjoy the sunshine!! (and the wind + rain) UK weather unfortunately – It’s mid spring yet it’s still so cold. Is it Glasgow or UK weather?