Blog posts are just like fashion

Remember that I mentioned sometimes I felt like I was holding back from blogging because I like to jot down the events and thoughts inspired behind in sequence? To be honest, blog posts are just like fashion. Vintage when you read them in archive, but ugly and old-fashioned when you read them in draft.

To start fresh, I need to move on from the unpublished drafts, but I am reluctant to remove all my favourite unpublished “outfits”.

And honestly, I don’t feel secure to post a lot of photos of me in my blog; not because I think it’s vain, but because I think I have changed to become a reserved person, not sure if that’s good or bad. Anyway, a blog occasionally seems to be more interesting with many images, but I think it will also give extra points if there are photos of the writer. Well, that’s how it works for me. It might be nosy or busybody, but it feels more personal and intimate to read.

p.s. i luv my photographer!”

When the sun is out

When the sun comes out brightly (especially in the beginning of spring/summer), parks will get rather crowded, weekdays or weekends. With the brilliant invention of the disposable BBQ pit and pre-marinated meat in supermarkets, it is always so convenient to organise a last minute BBQ. Even sometimes the lovely couple next door will have a quick BBQ on the terrace. DSCF2026DSCF2027DSCF2029DSCF2035DSCF2036DSCF2057DSCF2058DSCF2021

Colours in life

One day in March, Hann had a birthday party. The theme was to dress up in something bright and colourful. I looked into my wardrobe and it was the moment I realised I actually didn’t have a lot of bright and colourful clothes. So, it was the ‘life-changing’ moment that I decided the next time I do my shopping, it will be more colours that I should be looking for. Life-changing because I also realised wearing more colours brightens up my day and makes me feel happier. Needless to say, happiness attracts positive energy.

The only really colourful piece in my wardrobe was this suede skirt which I picked up from a vintage shop. It looks too colourful as a piece itself, but it seemed to match well with other basic pieces.


And then, the post colour-revolution outfit. Do I look happier?


Little differences

A few days ago I blogged about wanting to work differently because working harder didn’t seem to work. Architecture involves many personal emotions in designing and is also often about attitude, so I figured I should start with adopting a new attitude in life. I figured a small change or choice will perhaps make a small difference in life and eventually a lot of small differences will lead to a big difference.

So, sometimes I start to have these small thoughts in my mind when I have to make little choices. When I have to choose an item or a colour, I choose the opposite of what I would normally choose.

In relation to that, here’s a little story. One late afternoon, I was wandering around on the shopping streets alone waiting for Alex. I randomly walked into a coffee shop. I didn’t order a hot chocolate which I would normally do, but instead took a bottle of fruit juice from the fridge. It was a brand that I have never tried. I took it because – 1. I wanted a change and 2. I was fascinated with their advertisement that I just saw – there was a car going around in the city, wrapped in artificial grass and with posters of their latest organic drink on the windows. Not only that, I chose the kiwi-apple flavour over the normal mango flavour that I would go for, as if the little things will change something in my life. Yes, silly and probably sounds ridiculous, but true!

Blog revival

Enough of resting (procrastinating) to blog. There was a moment where I felt unmotivated to blog because I have lost the interest to share the little details in my life. (especially when, parents are reading! and the possibilities of getting nagged.) Not that I have an interesting life with loads of Uni work, but I also didn’t really have the time to think / reflect about the ongoing things in life and then put them into words. Some readers might not be so interested with what I think and do, but obviously I should care more about those who cares. Anyway, it was blogging (and Alex) that improved my writing skills and helped me to survive through the last Uni year which required a lot of writings. Here’s a tip – I always started all my writing assignments by getting into the writing rhythm first with Windows Live Writer.

JPEG Image (213236)JPEG Image (216555)

Some photos from a study trip that I managed to recover from a reformatted SD card! Precious.

p.s. i’m on my holiday now when this is posted. Keeping my resolution of updating the blog.

Exquisite bubble

Two years might be a short or long period depending on different people and different events. Today marks the second dating anniversary between me and Alex. Two years sounds like a short dating period to me, but it seems like both of us have been together for a very very long time. Perhaps it’s because we have been seeing each other almost 24/7 since we started to be together or we have already known each other for about 6 years! Or maybe more accurately, we have gone through quite a lot together – joyful times, stressful periods, sleepless nights! Our relationship is perhaps more memorable with the typical story where two people dislike each other in the beginning but then got together in the end. Ironic but true.

So, to celebrate this small event, we will be spending half the day on train and airplane to Bordeaux for a 4 days 3 nights trip. We decided to fly today mainly because of my job and the cheap tickets. A little complaint here – It’s supposed to be a surprise trip by Alex, but I ended up doing all the bookings! No more surprise… He better memorise all the information from the travel book he just bought and plan the rest of the itinerary… It’s a short trip, and the celebration is actually just an excuse to travel. I need a break!


Wonderful photos from Felicia, with a bit of photoshop

My dad

When I was young, I was told that my dad once had the choice to go for a business venture with his friends. Instead, he chose to stay with his current job. His friends’ business went on to do well and they made quite some money. My opinions on it might be shallow but this is what I saw. When me and my sisters were young, we chatted and thought that if our dad had decided to join the business partnership, we might be able to afford to have many toys, stationeries and maybe a luxurious life. However, although we were young, we at the same time also understood that if that was the path he chose to take, we might not be able to see him so frequently, to have the chance to see him every night and for him to chauffeur us back and forth between school and tuition classes.

As I grew up, I began to understand his decision as a sacrifice, as it is really not easy to stay dedicated to a job for more than 30 years. And all he wanted to give us was his time; which would be spent on work otherwise. We might not be able to afford a luxurious life now, but I’m glad that he was always there for us. In fact, it seems like now that his daughters are growing up and getting busier with the own friends. 🙂

For all that, I really appreciate his sacrifice and I would like to thank you for everything especially for making me to be able to come so far in my studies. Finally,

Happy Father’s Day and I love you…

The sneak preview of Scotland..


Towards which direction

Yes, it’s summer now, and my result was out two weeks ago. It wasn’t great.
I’ve always been an average student, getting only average results. But something happened to me this year, and I decided to work harder and make more effort to do well. I ended up getting lower grades compared to my normal average. It came to a point where I had to look deep inside and ask myself about what went wrong. In the beginning, I was bitter and resentful. It was only later that I managed to move on to thinking positively and treading the fine line between developing positive thoughts and being in denial.
Often in life, there are many things such as career, studies and relationships that might not go well, even though extraordinary effort had been put into it. In this post, I will be telling myself (or anyone out there) that there shouldn’t be any time to feel too late to start fresh. If working harder doesn’t work, I will work differently. At this confused state of mind, it probably doesn’t matter which direction to head to, as neither of them is right nor wrong.
One of the shopping streets in Glasgow

Alex’s bicycle. And it’s his photo obviously.