Something to fill it in

It’s a boring June without any sales on the streets.

Top – Urban Outfitters ;  Blouse – FCUK; Bag – Primark; Bangles – Primark; Shoes – Vintage; Trousers + Hairband + Necklace – I forgot!

2 thoughts on “Something to fill it in”

  1. looking food, flora! 😉
    ur so lucky u’ve got urban outfitters where u live…we don’t have any in netherlands NOR in australia, and i only first stepped into a UO shop last week when I was touring Belgium! Love their bags & shoes!

  2. yeah. big fan of them too, quite ex thou. only can afford their sale items. fly over before u head back. =) their summer sale starting soon! or u can buy online. i do that sometimes.

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